16 Questions With Jessica Alba

The Honesty Company founder and mother of three is our latest E! Back to School guest editor!

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Whether you're a parent or a student, we all know that back to school season takes a lot of preparation, which usually means we have some shopping to do. If you're not sure what to buy or if you need a bit of help getting into that back to school mindset, we have you covered with our E! Back to School guest editor series. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Simpson have shared their back to school insights memories, insights as parents, must-have product recommendations, and more with E! readers. Our latest guest editor is Jessica Alba, The Honest Company founder, actress, author, executive producer, and mother of three, among many other roles.

Jessica is part of our daily lives through the essentials from her brand The Honest Company, including baby care, beauty, and conscious cleaning products. We got to know more about the star from her book The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You. Her children's book A Bear to Share is a fun read for the family to enjoy. And, of course, she has some movies and TV shows that we will never get enough of, including L.A.'s Finest and Honey.

Even with all of Jessica's time in the spotlight, there are still many things we want to know about the entrepreneur. Keep on scrolling to see her responses to 16 things we've been curious about, including her must-have beauty products, her favorite books to read with her children, and some back to school memories.

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1. What was your favorite class or subject?
The entrepreneur enjoyed biology and history class when she was in school.

2. Did you ever have an awkward phase and what did it look like?
"A mouth full of metal braces," Jessica recalled. 

3. If you had a nickname growing up, what was it & why?
A lot of kids called me 'Alba' because I played sports and everyone just called each other by their last names. 

4. What did you get in the most trouble for as a kid?
Although she was far from a troublemaker in school she did admit to getting a little "impatient" waiting for other students to answer questions in class.

5. If you had to enter a school talent show now, what would be your act?
"Lip synching," Jessica said, which is not at-all-surprising to anyone who has seen her skills on TikTok and Instagram.

6. What's something from your childhood that you wish would be brought back (e.g. a specific style, accessory, TV show, etc.)?
"I feel like so many fashion and beauty trends are back in style right now, especially from the 1990s and 2000s," The Honest Company founder observed.

7. What's a current invention you wish existed when you were a kid?
"Definitely a cell phone," she shared without hesitation.

8. If this career didn't happen, what would you have been?
"I believe that I am doing what I am meant to be doing. I love what I do every day and even when I know I have a busy day ahead I look forward to working," Jessica remarked, joking, "It's also a tough question because I do have multiple jobs, so there isn't a lot left that would interest me."

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9. Who do you text the most?
"I'm not really a texter. I do my best, but I just try to be present in person and I'm not really on my phone as much as I could be."

10. Coffee or Tea?
"I'm into tea lately," the star shared.

11. What emoji do you use the most?
"It depends on the conversation, but probably the different hearts and smiley faces," the mother of three shared.

12. What trend makes you feel old?
"We need to switch up the wording on this question," she joked, "If you're asking about the 'trend that makes me feel like I was born in a different decade than the person I'm talking to,' I would say I feel this way based on the verbiage that someone uses. There are some words that are overly used in each generation. When I was younger we would say the word 'rad' a lot. Now there are so many words that are used a lot and I don't always know what they mean."

13. What is your go-to karaoke song?
"I'm not the most into karaoke, but I enjoy when other people perform."

14. If you could only eat one snack for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"I would say popcorn," the star revealed. 

15. What is the one beauty product you keep repurchasing? And why?
"Mascara. It's my go-to beauty product, but it's also a product that you should be replacing on a regular basis since it expires in a few months," Jessica advised.

16. What's your favorite children's book to read to your kids?
Jessica's daughter Honor Warren liked reading the timeless picture book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Her son Hayes Warren enjoys the Elephant & Piggie books in both English and Spanish, which prompted Jessica to point out that he "corrects" her Spanish when she reads to him. Jessica loves reading What the Road Said with her daughter Haven Warren because of the discussions it prompts about "making different choices in life."

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