Shanna Moakler

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Don't shoot the messenger—or, since there's apparently some confusion on the matter, the dog.

A month after Shanna Moakler resigned in protest from her post as the Miss California pageant codirector, the former beauty queen tells E! News she's ready and willing to once again mentor the tiara-wearing masses and resume her pageant duties, should her services be so requested.

"If Donald Trump gives his blessing, I'll be back in a heartbeat," Moakler says.

Moakler, who groused about Carrie Prejean's failure to live up to her contract, was seemingly vindicated last week, when Trump reversed his earlier decision and agreed with state pageant director Keith Lewis to fire Prejean.

Neither Trump nor Lewis immediately returned calls seeking comment on Moakler's desire to return.

Meanwhile, Moakler says she is ready to recommit to the Miss Universe universe now that she believes its credibility has been restored, and she also praises Prejean's replacement, new Miss California Tami Farrell.

Says Moakler: "She actually shows up for work."

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