Teddi Mellencamp Reveals Dina Lohan Is Trying to Hook Up With Her Dad John Mellencamp

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 20, 2021 6:10 PMTags

Teddi Mellencamp has had her fair share of dealing with Mean Girls—but now she might be "sisters" with its lead star!

Yep, former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star exclusively revealed on E! News' Daily Pop today that she's been fielding "relentless" DMs from Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina Lohan, about meeting Teddi's famous father, John Mellencamp

"She even said, 'The girls are all in for me to be with your dad,'" Teddi dished during the Aug. 20 episode. "Can you imagine Lindsay and I could be sisters?" 

The ALL IN by Teddi fitness founder and accountability coach made her highly-anticipated return to RHOBH last week after parting ways with the franchise in Sept. 2020 and stood by former co-star Erika Jayne amid ongoing legal troubles and divorce. "

The part that I think is so bananas about all this is, I filmed with Erika for three years," Teddi explained. "We were good friends, we are still friends, and I only saw Tom [Girardi] twice. But, nobody on the show ever grilled her about Tom before."

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Teddi continued, "But now that things have kind of hit the fan and everybody's like, 'I need all this info,' I'm like, but where were you actually trying to get her to open up and be your friend and share what was going on in her relationship?"

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The mother of three revealed she "never just got the best read" from Tom. "He just sat there and told stories about himself and how wonderful he was the whole time," Teddi recalled of one of the few times she spoke with the disgraced attorney. "I was like, why are we sitting here letting this man hold court? Can you imagine being the wife to that? I can't imagine doing that for 22 years."

As for whether Teddi believes Erika was unaware of Tom's business practices, Teddi can only support her RHOBH pal. 

"[Erika] is great, she's the person that will check on you if something's going on, like she will lift you up," Teddi explained. "She really is a kind person, so I want to believe until i hear otherwise that that's the case...I truly don't think that [Tom] was like opening up and sharing with her. He didn't even let her speak in front of her friends."

Teddi also can't relate to Sutton Stracke's paranoia over her reputation being tainted by Erika's legal troubles. "Prior to Real Housewives, did anyone know who Sutton was?" Teddi quipped. "This reputation you're looking to uphold, for what? Your store at Robertson? I don't get it." 

Watch the full interview above to hear Teddi's take on what Garcelle Beauvais' friendship means to her!

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