Why Teyana Taylor Encourages Daughter Junie Shumpert, 5, to Be on Social Media

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 20, 2021 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Teyana Taylor Gushes Over TikTok Positivity for Daughter Junie

It's never too young to start an empire!

We Got Love Teyana & Iman star Teyana Taylor has been planning five-year-old daughter Junie Shumpert's career for years, and now, the director-actress-choreographer reveals her secret to fostering daughter Junie's creativity. 

"Junie is a free spirit, you know what I'm saying?" Teyana explains in a sneak peek at the Aug. 25 episode. "So the fact that she does have so much personality, TikTok I feel like is a great outlet."

However, the mother of two knows that social media can be a dangerous landscape for a young child. "I feel like there's no control way to handle TikTok," Teyana adds. "TikTok can get out of control. But I love the fact that TikTok allows kids to be expressive and learn new things. I'm just trying to give her her freedom to do what she do. I just want to find a happy medium." 

Junie & Rue Shumpert's Cutest Pics

Junie certainly seems to be following in the Coming 2 America star's footsteps! Her viral videos have put the "Judge Junie" persona on the map.

"I need to monitor what's going on," Teyana joked to husband Iman Shumpert. "I can't even keep up the monitor, I try to put it on private and I think she found a way to take it off private."


NBA player Iman shares his perspective on kids growing up online. "I think that every parent, they've got a nervousness now about having social media pressure," he insights. "New age kids don't know how to handle a bunch of people saying this or that about them. The whole self-image and what she sees is really important. We overdo our affirmations with her to try and get ahead of it. Period, just because of the time we're in." 

Watch the full clip above to see baby Rue Shumpert's first private plane ride to Miami, plus get a glimpse at Teyana's steamy new photoshoot with "a lot of skin showing"!