Suni Lee Celebrates Olympic Medals With New Tattoo

After winning three medals at the 2020 Olympics, American gymnast Sunisa "Suni" Lee decided to get some new ink inspired by the Games.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 20, 2021 4:18 PMTags
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Sunisa "Suni" Lee "did a thingggg." 

And she's not just referring to her incredible performance at the 2020 Olympics. After taking home three medals, the 18-year-old gymnast got a tattoo to remember her time at the Tokyo Games. Lee debuted her new ink, which features the five Olympic rings, on Instagram Thursday, Aug. 19. 

Lee won a gold medal in the individual all-around event, a bronze in the uneven bars competition and a silver during the team final with Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles and Grace McCallum.

During an interview with People, Chiles and McCallum were asked if any of the team members would celebrate by getting the Olympic rings tattooed on their body, as is tradition for some athletes.

"I think all of us," Chiles replied. "All of us. Yeah, I think we are all. Except for Simone, because she already has one."

Biles got a tattoo of the Olympic rings on her arm following the 2016 Rio Games.

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"I don't think we're going to get it together because we all live in different states. But we're all talking about getting it after and what place we'd get it or different areas," McCallum noted, adding about her right forearm, "I was wanting to get it like here where Simone has it."


It's certainly been an exciting time for Lee. Just weeks after she returned from the Games, the athlete started her freshman year at Auburn University. During a news conference, Lee told reporters her teammates at the school have "all been super welcoming" and "amazing."

"They've all reached out to me separately to just see if I've needed anything," she shared. "So, I'm really excited to be competing with them. The team has really amazing girls, and they all bring something to the table. So I'm really excited to be competing with them. And I'm really excited for how this season is going to go because I feel like we're gonna be really good this year."