Elliot Page and Mae Martin Celebrate Friendship With Matching Tattoos

New ink! After 15 years of friendship, Elliot Page and Mae Martin got matching tattoos. Scroll on to see the design.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 20, 2021 12:53 PMTags
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Cheers to an amazing friendship!

Mae Martin and Elliot Page just got matching coffee cup tattoos. As shown in an Aug. 19 Instagram post, the Feel Good creator got their ink on their side while the Umbrella Academy actor got his design on his arm.

"Someone stop us from getting more tattoos," Martin captioned the photo before giving a shout-out to tattoo artist Andrew White from Midway Tattoo and Piercing in Toronto and Beatrice Brown for the sketch.

Back in July, Martin posted a picture of their "reunion with true stud" Page. 

"Chilling with this heartthrob @hooraymae," Page added before praising his pal's show. "PS I just finished season 2 of FEEL GOOD on @netflix and if you haven't watched yet it what are you doing?" 

Martin and Page go way back. In fact, the stars, both 34, have been friends for about 15 years, meeting at a bar at age 19.

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"I was like a weird sort-of homeless stoner—I had an apartment, but there were no locks on the door," Martin recently recalled to PinkNews. "Elliot was filming X-Men [The Last Stand] at the time, I think, and we had a mutual friend. So we had that one night, and then years later Elliot sent me a message saying he'd seen my stand-up, and then we became friends."


In April, Martin shared they're non-binary. "The way I feel about my gender identity is ongoing and evolving, and it's personal, but I thought it might be good to say for clarity and in case anyone finds it helpful—I'm nonbinary, my pronouns are they/them and she/her (I love it when people say 'they' and I really don't mind 'she' at ALL, truly)," they wrote on Instagram. "I'm very bisexual and attracted to people of all genders. I experience gender dysphoria sometimes—not always!—and have done since I was a tiny kid."

Just a few months before, when Martin was "feeling quite stressed," Page messaged them saying he was going to share with the world that he's transgender.

"That was very inspiring, and reassuring," Martin told PinkNews. "It's nice to have someone you can bounce off of who's going through something similar."


And over the years, Martin and Page have not only been friends but also each other's no. 1 fans.

"Mae's integrity, vulnerability and intelligence sets them apart, both as a person and as a creative force to be reckoned with," Page told The New York Times. "When I first saw their work, I was struck by their honest and nuanced depiction of gender and sexuality, and clearly, it is resonating with other people as well."

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