Why Dylan McDermott Didn't Hesitate to Revive His Murder House Role for American Horror Stories

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Dylan McDermott discussed stepping back into his popular American Horror Story role for the horror anthology's spinoff.

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Anything for Ryan Murphy.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Dylan McDermott made it clear that this was his mindset when he agreed to, once again, bring back his most famous American Horror Story character for the anthology's spinoff series, American Horror Stories. We're, of course, talking about the return of Dr. Ben Harmon, which coincided with the AH Stories' third visit to Murder House.

And, as McDermott detailed, he didn't hesitate one bit when he got the call to step back into the haunted house. "You know, it's always an easy yes," he said. "If Ryan asks me to do something, I just say yes. I don't even have to read it."

McDermott proved this to be true by expressing his interest in returning to AH Stories, which has already been renewed for a second season, if that's what Murphy wants. "I trust him," he explained. "You know, he knows who I am as an actor."

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McDermott and Murphy also famously collaborated on the latter's Netflix series, Hollywood, which earned the actor an Emmy nomination. On this particular part, McDermott applauded Murphy for giving him a role that was "completely different" from who he was and having faith that he could pull it off. 

"So, I trust him completely that he will take me on this journey, no matter what it is," he noted of the TV legend. "So I just sit by the phone, basically. I have my own private line just for Ryan, and I wait for it and stare at it, just waiting for a phone call to come."

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The one thing that remains unclear? Whether McDermott will ever play Dr. Harmon again.

American Horror Stories had quite the meta season finale, as the episode kicked off with a frightening scene involving a couple named Connie (Noah Cyrus) and Dylan (Adam Hagenbuch). Clearly, this paid homage to the OG series' first-ever leading couple, Connie Britton and McDermott.

However, the new pair wasn't actually real, as it was later revealed to be a part of a Murder House video game that single mom Michelle (Mercedes Mason) was working on to bond with her son Rory (Nicolas Bechtel).

If we're being honest, it was all very trippy to have AHS the show referenced while inside the Murder House. In the episode, Michelle attempted to perfect her game by buying the Murder House, only to, you guessed it, be murdered there herself.

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Rory sought revenge on the house by burning it to the ground, where condos were eventually built and most of the ghosts set free. But, wait, that wasn't the real ending!

The end of the episode indicated that this was version two of the game, meaning Michelle was potentially alive and that the second half the storyline was all fictional.

On where the plot went from real-life to video game again, McDermott stayed coy, noting, "We're gonna leave that up to Ryan's mind. Maybe it was just in the game and Murder House is still there, and all the characters come back again? I don't know."

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