Camila Cabello Reveals How She Overcame Her Insecurities After Being Body-Shamed

"I'm going to wear whatever, and if there's paparazzi around, that sucks, but I'm not going to completely re-route who I am for that," Camila Cabello said.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 17, 2021 10:15 PMTags
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Camila Cabello knows she's "Worth It" even when haters try to tell her otherwise.

In a new interview with Bustle, published on Aug. 17, the 24-year-old pop star opened up about embracing the skin she's in while also keeping it real about how she navigates negative social media comments.

"Being at war with your body is so last season," the former Fifth Harmony member recently confessed.

The "Havana" singer recalled being targeted by body shamers after photos surfaced of her June outing with boyfriend Shawn Mendes. Even though she fiercely shut down the critics in a now-viral TikTok video, Camila said the comments still stung.

"'This hurts so bad,'" she reflected on the judgment surrounding her appearance. "The whole day I felt insecure. I felt like it was changing how I was thinking about food and eating...really messing me up."

However, once Camila addressed the body shamers on her own terms, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders—and she realized that her message struck a chord with so many others as well.

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"I actually felt so liberated when I posted that," she shared. "After that, I went to the airport and so many women were coming up to me like, 'I saw that TikTok and it resonated with me so much.'"

She added, "I actually feel my body insecurities went down after I posted that because I was like, 'No matter what pictures come out or what people say, I'm now controlling the narrative.'" 

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In the past, Camila revealed that she felt pressured to look a certain way.

"I need to go to the gym, I need to do this, I need to lose weight quickly," she recalled of her previous mindset. "I've felt like that. That's the societal voice in your head."

However, she explained that therapy has helped transform her outlook when it comes to her appearance.

"You can work out a few hours a day and never eat carbs and whatever, but that's just not a balanced life," she described. "That's not what I want...I can't change to fit that mold."


The superstar, who will soon step into the glass slippers of Cinderella in the upcoming live-action film, revealed she's no longer stressing about her fashion either. If certain clothes make her feel confident, then that's all that matters to her.

As she put it, "I'm going to wear whatever, and if there's paparazzi around, that sucks, but I'm not going to completely re-route who I am for that."

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