Nicole Kidman Reveals Keith Urban's Surprising Reaction to Her Nine Perfect Strangers Accent

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 17, 2021 6:09 PMTags

Taking role playing to the next level.

It seems like Keith Urban pleasantly "surrendered" himself to wife Nicole Kidman while she donned her Nine Perfect Strangers alter ego! Kidman exclusively shared on E! News' Daily Pop today what husband Urban really thought of her playing a mysterious wellness retreat leader

"He enjoyed Masha when she came home," Kidman teased on Aug. 17 before adding with a laugh, "He kind of liked the Russian accent, I have to say." 

Urban and Kidman are truly Hollywood couple goals, and while Urban has been a source of support throughout Kidman's career, the Oscar winner is adamant that her Nine Perfect Strangers character isn't as sinister as she seems. "I believe she has deeply authentic intentions," Kidman explained of Masha. "She wants to heal people." 

Kidman continued, "She has methods and protocols which some people would question, but I think in terms of her belief and what she is doing, it is absolutely 100 percent and there is no maliciousness, nothing. It's about 'trust me and I will take you there.'"

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Co-star Regina Hall noted that Kidman's character is a true leader, and the series was "cathartic" on a personal level.

"What I love about Masha, I always felt like she gave Carmel permission for whatever she felt and I think giving someone permission to be hurt or angry or feel, allow them to feel seen, is the portion that takes it from just like a beating to healing," Hall revealed.

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Of course, we won't know Masha's intentions until the very end...

Watch the full interview above to also hear Melissa McCarthy's take on her character's "beautiful love story" opposite Bobby Cannavale!

Nine Perfect Strangers premieres tomorrow, Aug. 18 on Hulu.