Disney Channel’s Christy Carlson Romano Breaks Down in Tears Reflecting on Her Career

Even Stevens alum Christy Carlson Romano got emotional as she recorded a video relaying what her future would be to her “younger self.”

By Kisha Forde Aug 17, 2021 2:09 PMTags
Watch: Christy Carlson Romano on Past Struggles with Alcohol & Depression

Christy Carlson Romano is sending a tearful message to her younger self.
In a video uploaded to her TikTok captioned, "Let the healing begin," the Even Stevens alum envisioned what it would be like having a conversation with her 16-year-old self about the fate of her future. After her childhood self—which would be around the time she starred on the Disney Channel—asks if they're "totally rich + famous," she responded with writing, "No. We're mostly doing online content, but we're happy." Further reassuring that her happy place in life was destined, she tearfully added, "Everything that happened lead [sic] us to where we meant to be."
Additionally, referring to her seven-year marriage to producer Brendan Rooney—who she shares two children with, she also got visibly emotional as she told her 16-year-old self, "We're never lonely anymore. We finally found love."

Immediately after Christy shared the clip on Aug. 16, both celebs and fans swarmed the star's comment section of the video with messages of positivity. One person wrote, "Your contribution to art and community is undeniable, thank you for you."

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 Another fan added, "You are an icon! You brought our whole generation joy and still do!"

Back in 2019, Christy opened up about her struggles following the end of the series she co-starred in with Shia LaBeouf in an essay for Teen Vogue. In the feature, the actress reflected on a period of time where she "grappled with depression, drinking, and more, desperate to find fixes for how I felt."
"It's hard for people to understand that oftentimes child actors appear to have an inflated ego to make up for the fact that they have no idea who they really are underneath it all," she said. "A defense mechanism that many young people are familiar with."

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Revealing her road to sobriety, she continued, "I haven't had a drink since before my first pregnancy and am going to continue to abstain from alcohol so that I can continue to make clear-headed decisions that keep me on the right path. All that matters now is my amazing family."

Christy also concluded the essay with advice for those who may want to also work in entertainment, writing, "Having a clear understanding of your personal value helps to positively shape everything you do. If you don't, if you aren't careful, you just might end up getting what everyone else wishes for but wondering what you want yourself."