Teyana Taylor Carries on This Family Tradition for Baby Rue During We Got Love

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 18, 2021 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Teyana & Iman Prepare to Pierce Baby Rue's Ears

Baby Rue Shumpert is marking a milestone: her first bit of bling!

During a sneak peek at tonight's premiere of We Got Love Teyana & Iman, airing Aug. 18, Teyana Taylor carries her family tradition of piercing her daughter's ears. "It's time to get the ears pierced!" Teyana jokes. "I know at six months my ears was pierced." 

Eldest daughter Junie Shumpert begs to be part of the fun. "Can I get my ears pierced?" she asks while holding an earring. 

Teyana points out, "Your ears are already pierced." 

But Junie won't take no for an answer. "Maybe my nose?" Dad Iman Shumpert can't contain his laughter at the precocious comment. 

Yet, it becomes clear that any type of piercing is something worth praying over as the whole Taylor-Shumpert family gathers round. "We're going to say a little prayer to do this right," Teyana states. "We're going to bless some ears." 

Inside Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's Home

Iman quips that he prayed for all of his own piercings too.

"When I'm home from playing basketball, especially you need to take it in because s--t goes fast," the NBA star says during a confessional about Rue's big day. "Sometimes it's bittersweet when I'm home and not playing, but for me and my daughters to spend some time together, that makes it worth it."


Teyana's grandfather Eric guides the family in prayer. "Granddad is so silly but he's still so church-y at the same time," Teyana explains. "They pray for every little thing." 

Watch the full clip to hear the prayer for Rue's ears, and relive the tot's cutest moments below.

Rainbow Mania

"Me, Basqui, & Petunia this morning before school!!!" Junie's Instagram page posted in Oct. 2019 with her next to her pups. "Hope you're having a good day JuJu Beezzzzzzz!!!"

Sleeping Beauty

Junie Shumpert curled up for a nap on June 5. "My sleeping beauty," Teyana Taylor captioned the sweet pic of her eldest daughter.

Posh Tot

Rue Shumpert looked adorable on a tufted blue leather couch as mom Teyana counted down the days until Rue's milestone nine-month birthday on June 4. "As soon as I put my phone up shorty really be camera ready, lmfao it be the poses, fah me," Teyana joked. 

Memorial Day Matching

Rue matched big sister Junie in adorable pineapple-printed dresses for Memorial Day 2021. 

Big Girl Now

Junie mixed and matched prints on April 10, with her Instagram page writing, "Happy Saturday Everybody!!! #imabiggirlnow." 

Easter 2021

The Taylor-Shumpert family celebrated Easter together on April 5 with bright outfits and cute festive glasses. 

Ears Pierced!

Proud mom Teyana shared a snapshot of baby Rue with her new pierced ears on March 8. "Look who got her ears pierced and think she allllllaaaaattttt?! Well... she is allatttt!" Teyana captioned. "Happy 6 months my beautiful Rue Rose! I'm so obsessed with you." 

All Grown Up

Junie looked glamorously grown up in a stunning portrait snapped by her mom Teyana on March 7. 

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Baby Rue celebrated her five-month birthday on Feb. 7. "Time is flying y'all," Teyana captioned of her smiling tot. 

Sister, Sister

Junie and Rue snuggle up for a sweet photo on Feb. 4. "Junie 1 & Junie 2, I'm so obsessed," Teyana wrote.

Baby Bear

Rue looked adorably cozy in a fluffy grey bear cap. "RueeeeeeeeeeeeeeBearrrrrrrrrrr," Teyana joked on Dec. 1.

Best Big Sis
"I literally woke up to this omg, I dead shed a lil tear," Teyana gushed on Nov. 21 about daughter June. "She was holding Rue & watching her iPad. She's really such a great big sister." 

Iman Shumpert shared a cute photo of mini-me Rue on Nov. 16, writing, "As if bug didn't soften me enough...Rue—Rose to the occasion of melting my heart." 

I Heart You

Junie wore a heart-printed tee, which perfectly summed up how her mom felt about her. "My heart, my oldest," Teyana shared on Oct. 20. "I love you boo." 

Candy Baby

"My lil milk dud," Teyana hilariously captioned a pic of baby Rue on Oct. 13, 2020. 

Sweet 'n Sour

Junie dressed as a red Sour Patch kid for Halloween in Oct. 2019. "So @babyjunie4 said mommy I wanna be myself for Halloween....I said, say less," Teyana teased. "Thank you @tristanblakecollection for bringing Junie's true self to life!" 

"Biggest Fan"

It's true that Junie is Teyana's number one fan! "Mommy's biggest fan," Teyana wrote in Sept. 2019 to mark National Daughters' Day.

Beach Bliss

Junie struck a pose while on the beach in Sept. 2019. "Dear Junie, teach me....please, cause ya pose game lit," Teyana quipped in the caption. "U be nailing dat hip. I just still need to know....who do you think you are?" 

Striped Sweetie Pie

"First they're sour, then they're sweet," Teyana joked of Junie in Sept. 2019.

Back to School

Dad Iman took his little girl Junie to school in Sept. 2019. 

First Day Mood

Teyana proudly wrote in Sept. 2019, "Bugga's first day of schoollllllllll, she was sooooo excited! My only question is why where this Lil pose come from?!!!!!" 


Teyana stylishly wore a Fendi baseball hat while daughter Junie was rocking a bandana and sparkly earrings. "Loving you always, forever," Teyana captioned in Sept. 2019. 

A Girl's Best Friend

The family dog Basqui posed beside Junie in August 2019. "My kids," Teyana added.

Open Wide

Junie's jaw dropped to the floor in July 2019, as Teyana called her facial expressions a "forever mood." 

Giddy Up

Junie took a spin to the Wild West on a hot pink toy pony. "HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" Teyana joked in March 2019. "Issa new sheriff in TOWNNNNNNNN." 

Queen of the Castle

Junie posed on a chest game in Feb. 2019. "Good morning from Junie McStuffins," Teyana captioned.

Snack Time

Junie ate an orange slice ahead of her third birthday in Dec. 2018. "Guess who's turning 3 soon?? I'm a Big Girl now!!" her Instagram page posted. 

Mellow Yellow

Junie stood next to a white car in a neon yellow Gucci sweatshirt in Oct. 2018. "Bruh ya girl @babyjunie4 is the queen of facial expressions," Teyana wrote. 

Say Cheese

"Cheeeeeeeeessssssseeeeeeeeee!!!!" Junie's Instagram page posted in Oct. 2018 as the toddler wore a sequin bomber jacket.

Happiest Place on Earth

Junie was all smiles alongside Disney Pixar characters Woody and Jessie. "Spending my first time at happiest place on earth with my first born & my first niece, my [heart emoji] beats," Teyana gushed in Sept. 2018. "Simply one of the best days of my life." 

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