MAFS' Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Celebrate Daughter's Birthday as They Continue Marriage Therapy

After Jamie Otis detailed her and Doug Hehner's marital issues, the MAFS couple looked happier than ever to celebrate their daughter's fourth birthday.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 15, 2021 9:53 PMTags

As they continue to work through their marital issuesJamie Otis and Doug Hehner united to celebrate their daughter Henley Grace's upcoming fourth birthday.

The Married at First Sight couple, who tied the knot on the first season of the Lifetime series, enjoyed a fun-filled day with their little girl and 15-month-old son Hendrix Douglas.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Aug. 15, Jamie documented the family's exciting festivities, which included a fabulous set-up in their backyard that was complete with a massive pink floral wall, many sweet treats and a glittery "Happy 4th Birthday Henley" sign.

Ahead of the birthday girl's party, the 35-year-old reality TV personality posted behind-the-scenes footage of the meaningful gifts she gave her daughter.

"Gracies 'birthday' began w me surprising her w a 'real' ballerina outfit," Jamie shared on Instagram Stories, later adding, "I just got her heels, her very first set of heels. And I got her a ballerina dress."

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Jamie not only detailed the special day she and Doug held for their daughter, but she kept it real about her relationship on Instagram.

"Thankful I married a man willing to put in the work—not just up & leave or want a divorce—when things get tough BC LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY WE'VE CREATED!" The MAFS alum began her caption. "Thank God for quality therapists! Ours helped us see that we've been relying on each other to 'check all of our boxes' meet all of our needs."


Jamie explained that they both had a breakthrough in therapy and apologized to each other. 

"By the end of our Therapy sesh I apologized to Doug for putting so much pressure on him & he apologized to me for the same exact thing," she shared. "We're about as co-dependent as they get. Anyyyway, I don't think we are even close to being done w therapy, but I really think we've turned a corner & I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Additionally, Jamie praised Doug for putting together Henley's birthday decorations, writing, "Yesterday I watched Doug outside setting up Gracie's party while also playing w the kids (bc they wouldn't give him 5 seconds to finish!!) ...he is genuinely the most fun, patient, caring, & kind person.⁣"

She added, "I'm so lucky to have you, @doughehner. Thank you for choosing to stick w me!"


Just last week, Jamie opened up about her and Doug's marital challenges. However, she said they were both determined to get through this rough patch.

"We're not giving up on each other—not now, not ever," Jamie shared on Aug. 9, alongside a photo that showed the two tearing up. "TBH, sitting in the car in a random parking lot crying-like the hard ugly cry with snotty noses & hiccups-was not at all what I intended on sharing today...but here we are."

"I'm fighting for my marriage," she went on. "For my children. For ME."

In a separate post, Jamie revealed that she and Doug were focused on doing things that once made them happy.

"Our couples therapist told us a good way to avoid divorce is by having FUN *together,*" the former Bachelor star wrote on Aug. 12. "Before we were mom and dad we were spontaneous, silly, and adventurous...It honestly feels so good to just laugh with each other again."

She added, "We are gonna spend more time doing the things that made us fall in love—after we got married."

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