Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom Undergoes Breast Reduction Surgery

Rachel Bloom has previously spoken about the “burden” of having larger breasts, explaining in 2017, “Boobs sexualize you when it's not on your own terms.”

By Cydney Contreras Aug 14, 2021 12:05 AMTags
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Rachel Bloom has something she'd like to get off her chest: She just got a breast reduction.

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress confirmed she went under the knife on Thursday, Aug. 12, sharing a before-and-after picture from her procedure. She captioned the pictures, "I did it!"

Many of Rachel's famous friends and followers congratulated her on the decision, as she's previously spoken about the pains of having big breasts.

Podcaster Noor commented, "Wishing you the least achey back of all time of ever and ever," while numerous others, including Chelsea Handler, wished her a speedy recovery.

The positive comments are just what Rachel needed as she heals from the surgery. When she first spoke about the breast reduction on Instagram in April, she told her followers, "btw I'm probably gonna get a breast reduction soon and I don't want to hear any man's gross thoughts on that decision right now and since there's no way to block comments from just men on this post I'm turning off comments for everyone to teach men a lesson."

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Rachel literally sang about the limitations of having bigger breasts in her show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. In 2016, she told Entertainment Weekly that the song, aptly titled "Heavy Boobs," was an honest reflection of her experiences and frustrations, like the fact that she wasn't even able to dance without experiencing pain.


"My boobs were a burden, because when they were painful, nothing would get done," she shared. "It didn't feel like my body."

And while people may be attracted to this body feature, Rachel cautioned viewers against unintentionally fetishizing breasts. As she put it, "It was really important to me that this song would not come off as, ‘Look at me and my big boobs! I'm so sexy, oooh!' I wanted it to invite women in."

Rachel also previously spoke to Playboy about the negative attention people can attract when they are larger chested. "When you have big boobs, you're a sexual object even when you don't want to be. I would walk down the street in New York in just a T-shirt and get catcalls," she explained. "Boobs sexualize you when it's not on your own terms."

She added, "Then there's the physical part of it: Having these giant sacs on your body can be painful. They're tied to your hormones, to your reproductive system. PMSing is a real thing, and it can be awful. Boobs are not just these disembodied bags of fat to be used as playthings for guys."

One thing boobs are very useful for is breastfeeding. The 34-year-old actress welcomed a baby girl last year and has poked fun at breastfeeding the little one, calling her daughter "the world's most expensive pastie."