Five Bedrooms First Look: See the Adorable Season 2 Character Portraits

Peacock's lovable dramedy Five Bedrooms is back for season two. See E! News' exclusive first look at the cast images.

By Brett Malec Aug 16, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Your favorite Aussie singles are back.

 Season two of Peacock's dramedy Five Bedrooms returns Thursday, Aug. 19 and E! News has an exclusive first look at the adorable new character portraits featuring co-stars Kat Stewart, Doris Younane, Stephen PeacockeKatie Robertson and Roy Joseph.

So what does the sophomore season have in store for these five friends who moved in together after drunkenly meeting at a wedding? Well, let's just say they're moving.

"After losing their first communal home at an auction, season two finds this one-of-a-kind family house hunting once again, believing they have prevailed as a unique collective," reads the Peacock description. "Although this was not what they had imagined for their lives, these five continue to endure the challenges of a new home, a DIY renovation, an injury, two pregnancies, an ex-husband, a workplace bullying complaint and an unexpected tragedy where love will be lost and found."

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Scroll through the exclusive photo gallery below to see the portraits and to find out more about what's in store for all the characters in season two.

Five Bedrooms returns to Peacock Aug. 19.

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Five Bedrooms Season 2
Ainsley (Katie Robertson)

Ainsley is determined to conquer her track record of diabolically bad judgement, and evolve into the solid, insightful, courageous and level-headed mother she aspires to be. She comes into season two planning to raise a child in a very unconventional living arrangement, feeling as though everyone is judging her every move… she combats rising doubt by renovating a house while navigating run-ins with the also-pregnant Melanie, and steadfastly resisting Lachlan's amplified yelps for the baby and her to move in with him. It's sometimes a battle, but she manages to transcend these impossibly complicated situations with the help and support of the gang.

Ben (Stephen Peacocke)

Ben's someone who has drifted through life, often ending up in a shitstorm, but he's landed on his feet. He reconnected with his daughter, found love with Heather and found himself the sweetest digs he'd ever known. Though he moves into the new house with great energy and optimism, building an extension and trying to live with Heather as a fully-fledged couple, a shock accident changes everything. When Ben busts his shoulder working on the reno, he loses his capacity to work, his ability to support himself, his whole identity. With the support of Heather and his brother, Joseph, Ben will have to reinvent himself.

Liz (Kat Stewart)

Liz, having survived her professional and personal plummet to ground zero in season one, is ready to face her complicated romantic past, and find out if love plays any role in her future. After a run-in with her ex-husband Stuart, Liz makes a pact with Harry to re-awaken their love-lives, and to support each other as they dive headfirst into the dating scene. While Harry finds early success, Liz's re-entry into dating is … shaky.

Harry (Roy Joseph)

Harry faced the greatest challenge of his life in season one, coming out to his mother, and it was every bit as traumatic as he'd feared it might be. In season two, his mother has adjusted, somewhat, as she continues her search to find Harry's perfect match, and her relentless campaign for grandchildren. Still bruised from his first broken heart, Harry re-enters the dating game, and after just a couple of false starts, he falls madly in love for the very first time. However, keeping up with his new man, and his open-minded life, is a lot harder than it looks. The life he had imagined for himself, living as an openly gay man, was supposed to be the answer to all his questions, but instead, he finds himself more confused than ever.

Heather (Doris Younane)

In season one, Heather was trying to find herself, but instead she found a most unexpected romance. She tried to fight it, gallantly, but ultimately failed. In season two, Heather agrees to share a bedroom with Ben – and they give it a go as a legitimate couple. After an initial honeymoon period, Ben suffers a debilitating accident, bringing new strains and old pressures to their relationship. But when a housemate faces tragedy, Heather finds another gear, snapping into hero mode, and spurred on by Liz, she finds a new sense of purpose and a new calling.

Five Bedrooms Season 2
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