FBoy Island Has Big F--king Plans for Season 2, FGirl Island and Beyond

Series creator Elan Gale exclusively revealed his plans for future seasons of FBoy Island including more twists and deeper discussions, plus...FGirl Island?!

By Tierney Bricker Aug 14, 2021 1:00 PMTags

"FBoy Island is a state of mind and a state of being."

So proclaimed series creator Elan Gale, who, if he had his way, would turn FBoy Island into its own cinematic universe. The first season of the HBO Max reality dating series tasked three women with separating the self-proclaimed "FBoys," who were there for the money, and the "Nice Guys," who came for love, was filled with twists, revelations, betrayals, heartbreak, a few reformed bros and one f--ked up final decision.

And while it introduced casual viewers to the world of f--kboys, Elan told E! News he's hoping the show can dig deeper and explore what the general terms the show uses to distinguish the two groups of contestants actually mean.

"A lot of what we talked about initially was really the interrogation of a lot of the topline questions, like what makes a Nice Guy?" Elan said. "What make an FBoy? Can they change? What does that look like? How do you know if someone's changed? Those are the inherited questions for future seasons."

But it's not just the male cast members who will be put on blast.

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"I also think that an FGirl Island does need to exist in the near future," Elan continued. "So that we can explore the other dynamic that exist out in the world, one of the many."

Still, Elan has even bigger plans for the franchise than just gender-swapping the contestants.

"My dream is to expand the FPerson Cinematic Universe into FPerson Hotel," he explained, "where all of the people who don't quite fit into the mold of either FBoy Island or FGirl Island or are aren't supposed to be the leads or don't want to do another season, can maybe interact with each other and learn from each other, both FPeople and Nice People and maybe we'll have all kinds of people!"


Elan's goal is simple: "I just think F--kpeople and F--kperson are words that need to enter our vocabulary soon rather than later and the only way to do that is through this show."

Not all heroes wear capes, but they might just wear Axe body spray.

But before contestants can check into FPerson Hotel or fans can go to an FPerson theme park, we need an official season two renewal.

While HBO Max has yet to announce if the show will return—though it better do it soon or we're going to be sending them to "Limbro"—Elan promised viewers should expect the unexpected...and for that shocking final twist to change, as well.

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"We don't want to go into the next season doing exactly what they did in the first season, that would be crazy," he said. "If you keep the rules the same and you keep all the regulations the same, it's going to become boring fast."

Elan continued, "That's the key to keeping this fresh, is that it's much more character and human focused than format dependent. There are twists every elimination and I guarantee we'll keep doing that and they'll be different every time. We don't want to be predictable, not for the audience and not for the contestants."


Part of the fun of FBoy Island was that while the men were the punchline, they also had a hand in setting up the joke. 

"The reason it didn't feel too mean-spirited hopefully was that the guys knew they were on a dating show called FBoy Island," Elan said. "They knew that this wasn't meant to be Citizen Kane and as a result, they were allowed to be in on the joke. That doesn't mean they weren't being themselves, but they didn't have to pretend to be people they weren't. They didn't have to pretend to be courting women in the 1940s. They were excited to be themselves and I think that's where you got these really interesting characters from."

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After spending a decade as one of the Bachelor franchise's top producers—You can basically thank him for Bachelor in Paradise!—Elan knows the best drama on reality TV comes from following the story, not the rules, and letting the series adapt as it's being made.

Example: Plans for a one-on-one date between Sarah and Garrett were thrown out the window when a just-eliminated Matthew decided to spill the tea that Garett had a girlfriend back home. 

"To me, that's the fun of an unscripted show," Elan said. "Obviously, you have the guard rails but Matthew, someone who wasn't really in the show a great deal, really upended the entire series a third of the way through and threw everyone for a loop."


So, it's basically Lord of the Flies, but with cameras, alcohol and host Nikki Glaser.

"Every show has to create its own innate capsule society that plans the rules and regulations of being on the dating show," Elan continued. "One of the things that makes [our show] a bit unique, I hope, it that it's aware that it's a show. It's openly creating the society in which the people live for their duration on the show. The rules will have to shift and evolve as the people also shift and evolve."

FBoy Island is streaming on HBO Max.