NBA Star Andre Drummond Endures a “Parent’s Worst Nightmare” as He Rescues Son After Falling Into Pool

Andre Drummond's son was being a "lil dare devil," as mom Abigail Russo put it. After 2-year-old Deon fell into the backyard pool, the basketball pro swooped in to save him from potentially drowning.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 12, 2021 8:42 PMTags
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Andre Drummond played the part of Superdad this week when he rescued his 2-year-old son from a pool accident. 

The NBA star shared video footage from his home Ring camera, which showed Deon King Drummond sitting on the edge of their backyard pool before he fell into the water. Two nearby adults began shouting his name, as Andre quickly ran into the frame and dove into the pool to pull his son out. 

"NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES," Andre captioned the video on Twitter, along with two facepalming emojis. The Philadelphia 76ers player said it was "a parents worst nightmare [sic]" as they narrowly avoided a possible tragedy.

However, he added laughing-crying emojis to clarify that the story has a happy ending. "No one was harmed in this video," he wrote on Aug. 12.

Dre retweeted a fan that joked, "Lmao young said 'let me see what this water hitting for.'" 

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Other users noted that it's a "lesson for all parents" to have close supervision on children around the pool and to enroll kids in swim classes from an early age. 

Deon's mom, Abigail Russo, re-posted the security camera footage on her Instagram Story and teased, "them father instincts kicked in quick," with a huffing emoji. On the next slide, she also noted that everyone is OK.

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"Deon was just being a lil dare devil," Abigail explained. "S--t happens [shrugging emoji] dad was on full alert." 

She later shared a sweet video of Deon, wearing diapers and a No. 3 necklace, as he picked out a book to read. 

Earlier this year, she marked Deon's second birthday by saying, "Words can't describe the love I have for you son. It's endless, unconditional, and the purest love of all. Your energy and humor always brighten my days."

Abigail continued in her tribute post, "I love chasing you around, wrestling with you (even tho you always win), reading to you, and just being your mother. Watching you grow and learn new things is so dope. You're my homie, my rock, my motivator, and above all, my son." 

Andre also shares 2-year-old daughter Aubrey EllaRose Costandoni-Drummond, who is one month younger than Deon, with Elizabeth Costadoni.

Watch his rescue in the video above.

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