This Creepy SurrealEstate "Ghost Child" Sneak Peek Is the Perfect Friday the 13th Treat

Luke (Tim Rozon) encounters a haunting inside his latest property on SyFy's SurrealEstate. Watch the exclusive preview!

By Brett Malec Aug 13, 2021 4:00 PMTags

Happy Friday the 13th.

E! News has an exclusive preview of tonight's all new spooky episode of SyFy's series SurrealEstate. Titled "Ghost Child," the Aug. 13 episode follows a rap super star who rents a client's recording studio and reveals a tragic spirit haunting the property in the process.

The creepy clip picks up after Luke's (Tim Rozon) date with Megan (Tennille Read).

"Hey, Meg, it's me," Luke says over voicemail. "I hope you're having a really good day. I'm dealing with some client issues. I just wanted to check in and say last night was really nice and I hope i'm gonna see you again really soon. i'm going to stop using the word 'really' so much. Anyhow, I'm going to check in when I can. Right now I gotta make another call."

Luke, feeling the presence of a ghostly spirit in the house, walks upstairs to another room.

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"I know, but he's gone," Luke says to the other-worldly being. "I cross my heart."

Then a toy fire truck shoots out from under the bed and stops at Luke's feet. Yikes!

SurrealEstate follows an elite team of specialists that handle real estate cases no one else can: haunted and possessed houses. 

Don't miss tonight's episode at 10 p.m. on SyFy.

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