This Love in Paradise Star Refuses a K-1 Visa in a 90 Day First: Find Out Why

A sneak peek at the Aug. 15 episode of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story reveals why Sherlon feels "pressure" to apply for the K-1 visa to be with baby mama Aryanna. Watch now.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 13, 2021 5:00 PMTags

Well, this is a 90 Day Fiancé first.

In this exclusive sneak peek at the Sunday, Aug. 15, episode of spin-off Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story, dad-to-be Sherlon wants to hold off on getting engaged to baby mama Aryanna and applying for the K-1 visa. The vacation acquaintances realized Aryanna was expecting after just spending a few days together; now, Sherlon is forced to confront his fears about settling down with someone he barely knows.  

"Like, marriage is forever and there's no way I can know in 17 days what forever is like," he explains. Instead of a typical fiancé K-1 visa, Sherlon is hoping to be in the U.S. only for the birth of his child through a standard tourist visa. 

"So basically, I do four months, come back and wait another month or two and then come back for another four months," the Jamaican resident sums up. "I think that's what I have to do. The tourist visa eliminates that pressure of me getting married. So, like, I can go there and visit and build a relationship until I am sure that she's the girl I want to spend my life with."

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Sherlon even jokes in front of Aryana that marriage is his "problem," not leaving his home country. "Marriage, that's a serious ballgame," he says with a smile. "I know it makes her feel like I don't want her, but that's not the case."


Aryanna clarifies that she is more concerned with Sherlon not being an "active parent" thousands of miles away. "Like, you might be the dad, but you're not going to be parenting from all the way over here," she points out. 

Sherlon assures her that "things might change" but he he does not want to "feel like I'm being forced" to tie the knot. "I'm asking you for time, that's all I am doing," he concludes.

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Yet, pregnant Aryanna has the final word. "I'm just making sure that you know it's going to be me doing it on my own when you're still over here living your normal life," she claps back. 

Watch the shocking clip above!

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+. 

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