See Christopher Plummer's Final Acting Role in Mysterious Departure Season 2 Preview

Late actor Christopher Plummer makes a curious call to Archie Panjabi in this exclusive sneak peek. See a teaser of his last on-screen role before his death.

By Brett Malec Aug 12, 2021 5:50 PMTags
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Archie Panjabi is on the case once again.

Kendra Malley (Panjabi) gets a curious call from her former mentor Howard Lawson (played by the late Christopher Plummer) in this exclusive preview at season two of Peacock drama Departure. While investigating the mysterious crash of a high-speed train in rural Michigan that caused the deaths of dozens, Kendra picks up the phone and gets a message from her one-time confidant turned criminal.

"You got me this job, didn't you?" Kendra asks Howard.

"The FTSA said we want the best. I myself am not available, of course," Howard responds. "Can't get on a plain without this damn ankle bracelet."

"You're out of prison?" Kendra asks before he explains, "Ankle bracelet now. Getting on in years has its privileges. I've been watching the coverage. The tanker truck is an anomaly."

 "Yeah, couldn't have derailed the train on its own," Kendra agrees, hinting at a more sinister cause of the crash.

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"Strange it was there on the one night something else would go wrong on the train," Howard continues. "Let me know if my connections could be of some use. I really would like the opportunity to atone."

When Departure's first season concluded (spoilers), Howard was behind bars for his involvement in a deadly plane crash.

Season two continues with Kendra investigating the suspicious derailment of a high-speed train.

"Their investigation reveals a plethora of disconnected events and a range of potential suspects with believable motives: a disillusioned employee, a local anti-technology politician, the tech mogul who developed the train's software...and even a man with ties to a Mexican drug cartel," reads the season two bio. "As she works to sort through the chaos, Kendra must reckon with the inner tension that emerges between the investigation and her emotions."

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Check out the exclusive sneak peek above to see a glimpse at Plummer's final acting role before his death.

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