Why We Aren't Rooting for Adrian Grenier in Clickbait's New Trailer

If Adrian Grenier thought navigating the mansions of Hollywood with his Entourage was a minefield, he’s in for a shock judging by the action-packed trailer of Netflix’s newest thriller.

By Alyssa Ray Aug 11, 2021 6:12 PMTags
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Vincent Chase may not have been the best person, but he looks like a saint compared to Adrian Grenier's latest character.

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, Netflix released a new trailer for its upcoming drama miniseries, Clickbait, which has the Entourage alum in a suspicious new role. As the trailer teases, Grenier plays Nick Brewer, the victim of a sensationalized kidnapping. Yet, as his abductor reveals in a ransom video, Nick may not be the family man he appears to be.

"I abuse women," reads the sign Nick is forced to hold. "At 5 million views, I die."

While Nick's wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) goes on the news to beg the kidnapper to release him, noting that he's "kind, loving and gentle," investigators begin to dig deeper into the victim's past. An ominous voice asks in a voiceover, "Has Nick ever been violent?"

According to flashback footage, the answer is...not no.

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Suspicion around the taken Nick grows when a new video claims, "I killed a woman."

Regardless, Sophie and Nick's sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) seem determined to find the kidnapped man. But the new series certainly has us wondering, do we really know the people closest to us?

In addition to the leading trio, Clickbait stars Phoenix Raei, Elizabeth AlexanderAbraham Lim, Jessica "Jessie" Collins, Ian MeadowsSteve Mouzakis, Daniel Henshall, Motell Gyn Foster, Jaylin Fletcher and Camaron Engels

Watch the thrilling new trailer for yourself above.

Clickbait premieres Aug. 25 on Netflix.

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