The Kissing Booth's Joey King and Jacob Elordi Break Down That Onscreen Love Triangle

Team Noah or Team Marco? Netflix's The Kissing Booth 3 pits two very handsome, very eligible bachelors against each other. So can stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi relate? Find out.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 11, 2021 2:00 PMTags
Watch: The Kissing Booth 3 Love Triangle: Joey King & Jacob Elordi REACT!

What happens in the booth, stays in the booth—and no, these co-stars are not kissing and telling!

The Kissing Booth 3 stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi exclusively broke down their onscreen chemistry to E! News, and it's safe to say neither of them can relate to alter egos Elle Evan (King) and Noah Flynn (Elordi) in the third film. Elle struggles to pick a college, while her feelings for longtime boyfriend Noah subside as she grows closer to Marco Peña (Taylor Zakhar Perez) following their dance competition victory

"I am not a love triangle type of lady, but I totally get why it works in the movies, it's so exciting to watch," King joked of relating to Elle.

If Elordi ever found himself in a similar situation IRL, he would "just leave" the relationship. "It's quite blatant," the actor added. "There's a line in a song that's like, ‘It's me or the other man, and if you have to choose, I suggest you choose the other man' or something like that. I feel like that, like if you have to make a decision, your mind is made up, or my mind is made up, if I were in that situation."

Joey King's Memorable Roles

King and Elordi briefly dated in 2017 while working on the first Kissing Booth film, but split only a year later, just as the second film was in production. 

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The beloved Kissing Booth franchise concludes with its final installment in the trilogy, available on Netflix Aug. 11. And, it's thrice the drama as the third film finds King's character Elle deeper in a steamy love triangle with boyfriend Noah and new love interest Marco.

"I'm just going to come right out and say it: I'm team Marco, but that's fine, whatever," King admitted to E! News. "He's so sweet. I believe that this love triangle is incredible and it's so fun to watch." 

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And even though Marco punches Noah at one point, pacifist Elordi could never picture himself fighting over a woman. "I don't think anything could ever push me to violence," he quipped. 

Instead, King and Elordi got physical in a different way: jaw-dropping stunts! From a Mario Kart go-cart race to a Broadway level flash mob performance, King got down and dirty while filming.


"That's all me, baby, that's all me," she laughed. "But the Mario Kart stuff was pretty crazy, so much fun. I can share this video that I have. I have behind-the-scenes video of me learning that flash mob and I almost got dropped one time. I just flung myself a little too high on that throw, and there's a slow motion video of me going, 'ahhh.'" 

Watch the full interview above to hear more about King and Elordi working together. 

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