Blake Moynes Reveals How He Really Felt About Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo's Hostile Exchange

Blake Moynes admitted it would have been "tough" to watch Katie Thurston's rocky relationship with Greg Grippo if he hadn't been so confident. "I knew it was going to be me," he explained.

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Katie Thurston's new fiancé is sharing his true thoughts about her tiff with Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo, whom she accused of "gaslighting" her last week. 

On the Aug. 2 episode, fans saw their relationship deteriorate when Greg claimed Katie was too focused on "the journey" of the show instead of their connection. He also seemed frustrated that she had vowed not to say "I love you" to her guys until there was only one left. Ultimately, Greg left the ABC dating show, in spite of Katie's pleads for him to stay. 

During the season finale on Aug. 9, she reunited with Greg for the first time but refused to even hug him, saying, "I don't think you know what love is because that was a time where I needed you the most and you ran away."

Things got icy as she told him, "The problem is if you're acting with me... I really don't know if I actually know who Greg is." He said he wanted something "real," assuring her "I'm no Meryl Streep." Greg eventually apologized: "I'm sorry for the way things ended between us. It was a tough environment to be in." 

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The 30-year-old star still found her happy ending with a different suitor, getting engaged to Blake Moynes during the finale.

Now, Blake is revealing how he remained confident in their relationship throughout all the drama with Greg.

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"It was a combination of things," he told Entertainment Tonight on Aug. 10. "Katie told me everything prior, all the details, every little conversation, so I wasn't going in blind to anything. Aside from that, I came on the season very, very confident. The first time I met her I had zero doubts and when I left here I literally had zero doubts."

He admitted that the scenario would have been "a tough thing to watch" for someone that "didn't have the confidence" he does.

"I knew it was going to be me, it was supposed to be me, so as much as those things can be cringey at times to watch, I'm also very understanding of the position she's in and being empathetic of, 'What would I do in that situation?'" Blake shared. "I probably would have done a lot of the same things, so I can't be mad at her for that."

Katie also explained her side of things, telling ET, "People don't understand that you're allowed to be in love and happy, but still be angry with how someone treated you." She said, "In the moment with Greg, I was very sad and I felt like it was my fault. And then watching it back, I was angry."

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The Seattle native said it was the first time she got to "address" the anger she felt. "In terms of closure with my emotions for Greg, that's not there. I'm very happy. But people do need to recognize that you're entitled to your emotions and your anger," she explained.

But Katie said she likely would have ended up with Blake regardless of whether Greg left or not. 

"I remember the daytime portion with Greg still seemed a little bit off," she recalled. "I was already starting to kind of have my doubts, and then with how things went [that night] it just kind of solidified where my thinking was initially anyway. No matter what, had Greg stayed, I still would've chosen Blake."

Things have been coming up roses ever since. During the After the Final Rose special, Katie acknowledged their love only "continues to grow stronger and stronger." 

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