Dog the Bounty Hunter and Fiancée Francie Frane's Wedding Date Revealed

A little over a year after confirming his engagement to Francie Frane, Dog the Bounty Hunter let fans know when they can expect to see the pair walk down the aisle.

By Kisha Forde Aug 10, 2021 6:36 PMTags
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The sound of wedding bells are fast approaching for Dog the Bounty Hunter.
A little over a year after E! News confirmed the reality star had popped the question to Francie Frane, the 68-year-old revealed the couple's wedding date—and it's coming up pretty soon.

During a guest appearance on the Two Guys From Hollywood podcast, the former bail bondsman told co-hosts Alan Nevins and Joey Santo, "I'm getting married, and you're invited." After the impromptu invitation, Dog went on to reveal details: "We went to the venue, picked it out yesterday, looked at it," he shared. "Man, it costs a lot to get married, my God! But, yes, Sept. 2 [is the wedding date]."

The latest news comes a little over two years after Dog's wife of 13 years, Beth Chapmandied in June 2019 at age 51 after a battle with throat cancer.

"Francie's husband passed away over three years ago," Dog said. "Beth passed away over two years ago, and I felt very bad about even wanting to have someone else after Beth." 

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Francie Frane: Romance Rewind

"And then, when I went to the Bible—Genesis—and found out how Adam got Eve," he continued. "As I was going to find the exact story, I saw the scripture that says, 'God does not want a man to be alone.' That he knows we need a companion, whether we're a man or a woman."

Following news of their engagement, the television personality opened up in May 2020 about how the couple's bond began. "For a living, [Francie's] a rancher and she recently lost her husband to cancer six months before I lost Beth. So we hopped on the phone, started talking to each other, crying and consoling each other, and then one thing led to another and it's just incredible that I've been able to meet someone like her," he shared at the time. "With Francie, I'm allowed to speak about Beth, we speak about her husband. We cry. We hold each other."

Dog has gone to declare his love for his soon-to-be-wife on social media over this past year—even once writing, "I scream & Cry Beth where are you why did you leave me then I look up & see you Francie & the pain turns to a smile I LOVE YOU WOMAN!!"

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