Watch Allyson Felix's Adorable Reunion With Daughter Cammy After Historic Olympic Victories

Get ready for all the feels! Allyson Felix received the sweetest welcome from her 2-year-old daughter Camryn after returning home from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 09, 2021 10:23 PMTags

Ten medals are nice, but the real prize was waiting for Allyson Felix at home.

Allyson, who set a record at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when she won her 10th medal—becoming the most decorated U.S. track and field athlete in history—made a triumphant return home to California a day after the Closing Ceremony officially concluded the Olympic Games, her biggest cheerleader was ready and waiting.

"I missed you," Allyson tells her daughter, Cammy, 2, in a heartwarming video posted on Monday, Aug. 9.

As the track and field star sweetly lifts her daughter and gives her a kiss on the cheek, her little one replies, "I missed you," before adding, "I like your glasses."

Not wanting Dad to feel left out, the toddler then tells Kenneth Ferguson, "I like your shirt."

It should be noted that Kenneth was proudly rocking a tee with his wife's face and name emblazoned on the front.

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Allyson, 35, also posted an adorable family portrait, which showed the trio smiling and holding up one of her Olympic medals.

Ahead of competing at the Tokyo Olympics, the athlete opened up to E! News about how the fact that her daughter is her biggest inspiration.

She's given me a whole new drive," Allyson shared in June. "I've always been competitive and I've always wanted to win, but now, the reasoning behind it is just different."


Allyson explained that she looks forward to having a conversation with her daughter about the many ways she encouraged her to keep going.

"I want her to see what it looks like to be a hard worker, to overcome adversity," she said. "I can't wait to tell her about these last, you know, couple years and how hard they have been, but how she has really motivated me to continue on."

She added, "I hope that she's able to learn all those lessons and I'm able to show her she was along for this journey and she's really giving me the courage and helping me to continue."

In fact, Allyson considers her baby girl her No. 1 supporter.

"She's really into cheering now," she detailed. "So, whenever she sees me running, she's like, 'Run mama, run' and she's really into just being a little cheerleader. It's really fun to just see how the process develops and how she becomes more active."

Watch Camryn cheer on her mama as she returns home in the adorable video above!