Johnny Weir Responds to Criticism of His Look at the Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony

After Johnny Weir shared images featuring his attention-grabbing hairstyle as co-host of NBC's 2020 Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony coverage, the star addressed criticism of his look.

By Ryan Gajewski Aug 09, 2021 5:50 AMTags
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Johnny Weir is never one to dial back his personal expression, and his look at the Closing Ceremony for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was no exception. 

On Sunday, Aug. 8, the co-host of NBC's Closing Ceremony coverage took to social media to debut his eye-catching wardrobe and hairstyle choices for the big event. His unique look included wearing his hair in what appeared to be a bouffant bun, complete with a blinged-out hairpiece in the shape of the Olympic rings.  

After Johnny, 37, shared a photo of himself posing in front of Tokyo's Olympic Stadium, plenty of supporters offered their praise of his inventive style. However, one person who wasn't impressed was Jenna Ellis, known for her work as part of former President Donald Trump's legal team. 

"#WokeOlympics closing ceremony clown," she tweeted, along with a screenshot of Johnny. "How appropriate and utterly embarrassing."

She later retweeted the former figure skater's photo of himself and added the message, "Bring back the days when boys cared about growing up to be actual men. Biblical masculinity over woke fragility."

2020 Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony

This led Johnny to respond with, "The man I've grown into is a human that embraces the strength of the man & woman who raised me to be myself." 

The Dancing With the Stars alum continued, "If you feel squashed by the boot of someone else's beliefs, remember you are free to live your life the way YOU believe. Also, religion isn't an excuse for hate."

One celebrity who voiced her own support for Johnny was Leslie Jones. The former Saturday Night Live standout, who was an NBC contributor for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, posted footage of Johnny with co-hosts Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon, adding, "Johnny and Tara never f--king disappoints!!"

Earlier in the day, Johnny had made it clear that he had a sense of humor about his bold hairstyle, as he shared footage on his Instagram Story of his drive to the venue and referred to himself as "Marie Antoinette."

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