Watch a Steamy Game of Truth or Dare Spark New Alliances on Love Island

A sneak peek at tonight's episode of Love Island forges new love triangles thanks to an especially steamy game of truth or dare. Will Korey or Jeremy come out on top to win Bailey's heart?

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 06, 2021 8:11 PMTags

Kissing and telling.

We can't keep this Love Island USA drama straight, but one thing is for certain: There are a few love triangles brewing during tonight's all-new episode, airing Aug. 6, and that may even change who's on the chopping block. An exclusive first look clip shows the season three stars playing a steamy game of Truth or Dare—with dangerous consequences. 

"Casey, I dare you to kiss Elly," newcomer Bailey says. Of course, Casey and Elly make out. 

In a confessional, Casey gushes that he's "definitely feeling good" after sealing yet another smooch with love interest Elly. "We've probably shared, like, three kisses," Casey says with a smile. 

However, Bailey is relieved that on-again, off-again tryst Korey wasn't around to spot her share some tongue with Jeremy. "Thank God Korey wasn't there," she sighs. "I would have felt really awkward doing that."

And yes, sparks are now flying between Bailey and Jeremy thanks to the dare. "I think that was the highlight of my night," Bailey teases.

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Their love triangle only gets more complicated as Korey asks Jeremy for advice on how to handle Olivia, who is playing hard to get. "I think Olivia is doing to me exactly what I was doing to her," a puzzled Korey speculates. 

Jeremy agrees, "She might be just making you feel that way to see if you'll back off, or if you'll go for it."

From Olivia worrying that she's Korey's "second best" option to Bailey second-guessing her chemistry with Korey, this love triangle is turning more into a square...or pentagon? 


"Obviously, you were my number one, but then it seemed like you and Olivia were closer than I thought," Bailey confronts Korey, before telling the camera that she really doesn't know what to believe: "Like, is he way more interested in her, or is he leaning towards me?" 

Watch the head-spinning clip above to see a sneak peek at tonight's re-coupling and which woman may be on the chopping block as the men decide the eliminations. Remember, this is not "friendship island."

Love Island airs Tuesdays-Fridays and Sundays at 9 p.m. and available to stream live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+.

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