Lindsay Lohan, Twitter Page

Lindsay Lohan is going through another one of her breakups with Samantha Ronson (or whatever it is those girls call it), and the poor girl is taking it out on Twitter.

First she wanted to clarify yesterday's topless picture: "Haha-the photo of me for FORNARINA in THE TRAILER was sent by my sister as a PRANK. So calm down with FAKE STORIES!"

Then it was cheater talk time, which LiLo cleverly tried to disguise with initials. Like when she saw Justin Timberlake out with another lady, she tattled (twattled?): "where's jb cheater?" Jb meaning Jessica Biel, of course.

And last night she bemoaned cheating twice. "Why do people cheat?" she pondered. Then she got specific and asked of her ex-girlfriend's initials: "Why do people cheat? When love is always standing right in front of their face (s) ?? Sr?"

But don't let all this twittering fool you—Lindsay swears she is just fine being alone: "I love being alone. Feels safe coz I can only trust myself...ya, sad. But I'm cool with it :) that's y I share it with others in films." Yes, because people who are totally OK being alone always spend their entire night up twittering!

Somebody remind us Twitter even exists...

"Isn't it amazing that Twitter may end up being credited with bringing transparancy to Iran's political system?" Ah, yes, thank you Jon Favreau.

And as Jonah Hill points out: "But more importantly @Jon_Favreau , it's also a great means for @spencerpratt to remind us CONSTANTLY that he love Jesus."

It's also nice to know who wins Hugh Hefner's Uno games: "Twins and I played Uno last nite w/out Crystal--she's still sick. An Anna Nicole lookalike here fr Norway won--she's testing for Playmate."

• Finally, Twitter reminds us how annoying John Mayer is on almost a daily basis: "On a scale of 8-10, how much do I look like Robert Pattinson? Please leave your answers all day."

Oh! But the most important reason of all Twitter exists is so you can get all our headlines @eonline

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