Megan Thee Stallion Details What It’s Like Being a Superstar Attending College

Hot Girl Meg? More like Smart Girl Meg. Megan Thee Stallion had the perfect answer about how her college education is keeping her humble amidst all her success in the music industry.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 05, 2021 10:12 PMTags
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It's Megan Thee College Student! 

Megan Thee Stallion has previously revealed she's studying health administration at Texas Southern University, meaning the rapper's classmates can say they're pursuing their degrees alongside a three-time Grammy winner. 

This week, Hot Girl Meg spoke with People about how school keeps her humble amidst her fame in the music industry. 

"School has kept me grounded," the "Savage" star said on Thursday, Aug. 5.

"I might have an amazing night but knowing I have to finish a paper, project or my homework to graduate, keeps my head on straight," shared Megan, who is planning to graduate this fall.

In March, the 26-year-old artist told E! News she has been "working so hard" on her college papers. As she explained, "I have always dreamt of opening an elder care facility to help the elderly. I can't wait to get with my classmates and put everyone to work helping our grandparents."

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When we asked how she does it all, she said, "I juggle it all with my great team, and I have really great time management. It is also really important to take time for what is important."

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But even celebrities need a break now and then. Meg announced in April she was taking a hiatus, saying she wanted to "recharge" but would "be back when it's time." 

She got back on the horse—or rather, stage—with her recent performance a Lollapalooza, which she described as "fire" in her chat with People.

Along with her studies, she now seems to be hustling on new music as well. "I am keeping my next project pretty quiet but it will be a complete shock and complete surprise," the "WAP" singer teased. "I am just creating things that feel good to me right now."