You Won't Believe Which OG Gossip Girl Star Returned for the Revival

The Aug. 5 episode of the Gossip Girl revival brought back a familiar face! See which original star has returned to HBO Max's Gossip Girl.

By Alyssa Ray Aug 05, 2021 10:13 PMTags

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is out there quaking right now.

The Aug. 5 episode of Gossip Girl featured the first OG star to return to the recently revived series. We're, of course, talking about Yin Chang returning to her role of Nelly Yuki. The new episode reacquaints us with Nelly at a Halloween party, where literal Blair, Chuck, Serena and Dan costumes appear.

We don't know about you, but attending a party where kids are dressed like our high school peers sounds like a twisted circle of Hell to us.

As fans of the original series well know, Nelly was once one of Blair's most loyal minions before turning on the Constance Billard Queen Bee by getting her expelled and stealing her spot at Yale. The last we saw Nelly, she was a Women's Wear Daily reporter writing about Blair's excommunication from Waldorf Designs.

Fast forward to the latest episode of the HBO Max reboot, where Nelly is now an editor for New York Magazine

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However, it seems as though the Constance Billard alum can't escape the clutches of Gossip Girl, as one of her writers is chasing a scoop about the revived account. This comes into play for our new leads as the writer, named Simon, becomes friendly with Zoya (Whitney Peak) in the hope of exposing her as the new GG.

Obie (Eli Brown), who is dating Zoya, did what any Upper Eastsider would do and invited Simon's boss (a.k.a Nelly) to the party in order to expose him. The budding activist may be more like his peers than he thought!

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The Nelly cameo comes a week after another OG Gossip Girl character reemerged on the new series. Specifically, Georgina Sparks' son Milo, who was just an infant in the original show, popped up as an unexpected ally for Zoya in her feud with Julien (Jordan Alexander).

Georgina (who was played by Michelle Trachtenberg) was also a rival of Blair's, but don't expect the latter to show up in the revival anytime soon. In fact, showrunner Joshua Safran teased to E! News in July, "No one would like it if Blake or Leighton came back and only had like two scenes. If they come back, you want to actually spend a lot of time with them."

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So, expect Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate and the rest to be only references for the foreseeable future.

New episodes of Gossip Girl come out every Thursday on HBO Max.

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