Casey Cott Reveals How a New Ministry Will "Swindle" Riverdale In Season 5

There's about to be another cult in the town of Riverdale! Star Casey Cott spilled on why the new ministry is part of the "perfect equation" for season 5's madness.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 06, 2021 4:00 PMTags

Step aside, sexy cult! Riverdale has a creepy new organized religion in town. 

Star Casey Cott, who plays beloved supporting character Kevin, exclusively revealed that Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and her ministry is just the cherry on top of the perpetual madness in the town of Riverdale.

"Kevin obviously is going through something, and Cheryl is starting a ministry, and that's really a perfect equation for Kevin to be swindled into a cult-y, ministry type situation as we saw during season three," Cott explained. "Kevin is going to get involved in some way. It's actually really, really fun. We had a lot of fun shooting the scenes that you will see. Kevin's got some fun outfits coming up, I'll leave it at that." 

Of course, a new cult is just the least of the worries for the residents of Riverdale after a shocking seven-year time jump for season five. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is missing and Kevin's BFF Betty (Lili Reinhart) joined the FBI...and knows how to wield a chainsaw.

Meet the New Riverdale

"Kevin and Betty are always close, and I think whenever Betty needs Kevin, he kind of pops up," Cott teased as to his involvement as Betty's voice of reason. "Kevin kind of has a hand in everything this season: the teachers, the firefighters, the ministry. He's digging a hole. You'll see a lot of different sides of Kevin."

Yet, don't expect Kevin to suddenly be ready to commit to longtime love Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) following their split. "I'm interested to see where that goes," Cott continued. "I think Fangs has found, potentially, a new partner—and an unexpected partner—so we'll see if that causes any drama, or what happens with that."


In real-life, Cott's romance with his fiancée is far less dramatic than any Riverdale plot line. The couple embarked on an "incredible" road-trip from the Riverdale set in Canada through New York, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Las Vegas, before heading back up to Vancouver.

"We do have wedding plans coming up," Cott said. "It comes up quick, time flies, but by this time next year, we will be married, so we're really, really excited for that. We did swing through Vegas at one point and the idea did come up jokingly [to elope] and then we were like, 'We'd save so much time and energy and cash if we just did this, and then we would also be murdered by all our friends and parents and siblings.' We decided against that for us, but it is alluring when you're there."

Love Lives of Riverdale Stars

Cott's partnership with bp on its Price Match program allowed for him and his fiancée to drive without having to worry about breaking the bank by filling up their tank. "There's no app like it," spokesperson Cott noted.

"It price matches within a half mile, and then you can earn five cents a gallon for your next fill-up and you can stack those and eventually have a few dollars off for a fill-up," he further explained. "[My fiancée] is the bp app queen. She was the conductor of the app when I was the conductor of the vehicle. Anything to make a road trip more fun is not only amazing but addictive, so we were on the app a little too much, I think, but we had so much fun."

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Even after his long trip, Cott is ready to jump back on set to start filming Riverdale season six. But first, fans will have to strap in for a shocking season five cliff-hanger ending.

"Get ready, because in a very Riverdale way, it's beautiful and dramatic," Cott teased. "But also, it always ends up the way it's supposed to be."  

Riverdale returns Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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