Big Brother's Nicole Franzel Went to Emergency Room for Heavy Bleeding Days After Giving Birth

Just days after giving birth to a baby boy named Arrow, Big Brother's Nicole Franzel revealed she made a trip to the emergency room after a “hemorrhaging” scare.

By Kisha Forde Aug 05, 2021 7:35 PMTags
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Nicole Franzel is letting fans know she's doing okay following a postpartum health scare.
The Big Brother alum—who recently gave birth to a baby boy named Arrow on July 23 with husband and former co-star, Victor Arroyo—revealed on Aug. 5 in an Instagram Story that she had to make a trip to the emergency room after experiencing "heavy bleeding."
Answering a fan's question on how the process of "recovery from her c-section" was going, the 29-year-old new mom wrote, "It's pretty good! I ended up bleeding pretty heavily and thought I was hemorrhaging since I was going through pads so quickly and went to the ER a few days ago. It was so sudden & so much bleeding, it scared the crap out of me."
Reassuring everyone that she was indeed okay and on the safe road to recovery, she added, "But everyday, I'm a little better. Thanks for asking!"

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Additionally, the Coco Caliente podcast host gave fans a sweet update on the couple's newborn in clips also shared to her Instagram Stories. In the first video, Nicole shows herself cradling Arrow as he is fast asleep and explained that they've noticed he's already "really, really strong."

"Arrow is doing really, really, really, really good," she noted. "He just loves his Mommy and his Daddy and just wants to be held by them."
Highlighting the super strength that he already seems to possess, Nicole explained, "He's not big, he's only about seven pounds now, but he's really strong. I'm not kidding, he lifts his head." She also mentioned that he "thinks he can hold his own body weight for sure" and added the adorable fact that he can "break out of any swaddle."

It seems like smooth sailing ahead from here on out for the cute family.

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