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Looks like our favorite Upper East Siders are moving...but not far.

The CW confirms word of a schedule changeup: One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are switching time slots on Monday nights, with OTH launching at 8 p.m. and Gossip Girl moving to 9 p.m.

Could the move mean our graduating Gossip Girl characters are growing up and need a later hour for more adult storylines? Read on for the scoop, and get the official list of fall premiere dates for all your CW faves!

According to a network rep, it's not the aging up of the G.G. characters that's causing the move, but rather the swap is because (a) "OTH has always been a self-starter" (meaning that its success is not lead-in dependent) and (b) because 9 p.m. is a "less competitive" time for CW crown jewel Gossip Girl.

For the record, at 9 p.m. on Mondays this fall, G.G. will be facing off against Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory on CBS, Trauma on NBC, Dancing With the Stars on ABC and Lie to Me on Fox. The 8 p.m. competition would have been House on Fox, HIMYM and the new Jenna Elfman comedy, Accidentally on Purpose on CBS, Heroes on NBC and, yep, Dancing With the Stars on ABC. (The 9 p.m. hour does sound less brutal!)

As for those premiere dates, the CW fall lineup will roll out thusly:

Tues., Sept. 8

8 p.m.: 90210
9 p.m.: Melrose Place

Wed., Sept. 9

8 p.m.: America's Next Top Model

Thurs., Sept. 10

8 p.m.: Vampire Diaries
9 p.m.: Supernatural

Mon., Sept. 14

8 p.m.: One Tree Hill
9 p.m.: Gossip Girl

Wed., Sept. 16

9 p.m.: The Beautiful Life

Fri., Sept. 25

8 p.m.: Smallville

How does that look to you guys? Any Smallville fans out there impatient to get the season-nine party started? And who else is excited for the retro-cool 90210-Melrose block on Tuesdays? Share your thoughts in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna

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