Flip or Flop's Christina Haack Warns Fans About "Rude" Comments on Photo With Boyfriend Josh Hall

Christina Haack is sticking up for her man. The Flip or Flop star asked for her followers to respect her relationship with Josh Hall and not spam her with messages that "waste" her time.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 04, 2021 8:57 PMTags
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If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

That's Christina Haack motto, after setting boundaries with her followers regarding her new (and relatively private) romance with realtor Josh Hall.

The Flip or Flop star got real on Instagram after posting a new pic of the couple smiling, with her arms wrapped around Hall's shoulders. "Summer nights with my number 1," she wrote.

But because this isn't the HGTV star's first rodeo, she also added, "I normally turn off comments with Josh and will continue to do so if people are rude. I don't want to waste any mins of my life blocking negative people."

The 38-year-old mother of three filed for divorce from second husband Ant Anstead in November 2020 after less than two years of marriage and was previously married to her Flip or Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa, from 2009 to 2018. (She and Anstead have one son together, Hudson, 1; she and El Moussa have two kids: Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 5.) E! News reported in July that she had confirmed her relationship with Hall.

In her Instagram post, Haack said that people "are way too concerned about other people's lives. They spend so much time judging others to avoid working on their own s--t," adding, "Judgment is like a mirror - what we dislike in others is what we dislike in ourself." 

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Haack said she has noticed that when people "spew hatred at me" or her loved ones, those haters often "have the most self hatred" and "truly need healing and self love." 

"Life is short. Do what you love with the ones you love," she concluded. "For me, that's Josh, my kids and a few close friends and co-workers."


Notably absent from that list were her ex-husbands, which won't come as a surprise to her fans, as she recently remarked that she had a "nice day" on set of her show while co-host El Moussa was out of town on vacation. The apparent diss came after multiple outlets reported there was a blow-up on set, when El Moussa allegedly hurled insults at her and compared her to his now-fiancée Heather Rae Young.

Haack has clearly moved on and is putting her focus on Hall. After returning from her birthday trip to Mexico, the pair took their love to the happiest place on Earth, where she posed in front of the castle with her "hunky Disneyland date."  

Her followers showed their support on her latest pic, with one writing, "The cutest dude you have ever dated" and another noting, "You look so happy!" One cautioned, "Congrats [champagne emoji] but take the slow route." 

The star has continued to ask for respect from her fans, writing on Instagram last month, "yes 'another relationship' and guess what. I'm 38 -I'll do what I want."