See Rob Gronkowski Chow Down Hot Dogs in Hilariously "Twisted" Celebrity Game Face Teaser

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 05, 2021 4:30 PMTags
Watch: "Celebrity Game Face" Returns With Bigger Competition & Stars

Kevin Hart loves keeping A-listers on their toes. 

The new supertease for E!'s Celebrity Game Face, hosted by Hart, promises to be "the most twisted game night on tv" during its second season.

The hilarious reality show puts celebrities like Ludacris, Chrissy Metz, Thomas Rhett and Kenan Thompson to the test with outrageous games. The winner receives the new "Hart of the Champion" award, AKA a creepy portrait of Hart in Victorian-era clothing. "Twisted," indeed!

Thompson quips that the painting is "a golden piece of dookie." 

We can't wait to see what these stars get up to. From Skylar Astin wearing a neon green cube while answering trivia questions, to NFL superstar Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski shoveling raw hot dogs into his mouth, Hart's go-to games have created some hilariously cringe situations.

Hart even points out that there's a "little bit of slobber" dripping from Gronk's chin. 

"I've invited some of my celebrity friends to join me for a virtual game night," Hart teases. "In the comfort of their own home, where surely nothing can go wrong."

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And the best part? Everyone's playing for charity!

"It's bigger, it's crazier, more celebrity-ier than ever," Hart continues. "It's time to see how crazy we will get." 


From the looks of it, this is a whole new level of insanity. 

Watch the laugh-out-loud teaser above! 

Celebrity Game Face returns Tuesday, Aug. 31 on E!.