Ryan Reynolds Reveals Touching Story About His Final Call With Alex Trebek

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 04, 2021 6:00 PMTags

There's no question about it: Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek will never be forgotten. 

Ryan Reynolds shared the details behind Trebek's unexpected cameo in his new film Free Guy, in theaters Friday, Aug. 13.

"We shot that separately, actually after the film had been completely done and dusted and completed," Reynolds revealed exclusively during E! News' Daily Pop on Aug. 4. "Alex was kind enough to jump in and do this little cameo for us. I was just so blown away by how sweet he was to do that."

In fact, Reynolds and Trebek became pals off-camera before Trebek's death in Nov. 2020 after his long battle with pancreatic cancer. "Even right up before shortly before he passed away, I talked to him on the phone about a charity initiative he was trying to launch," Reynolds reflected. "This guy was really made of good stuff right until the end. Having him in the movie is certainly bittersweet, that's for sure."

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Trebek's presence only added to the inspirational message of the film.

"I would say it's probably my favorite movie I've ever done, mostly because I grew up watching Amblin movies about wish fulfillment," Reynolds explained. "I just feel like the last few years have been so hard on so many people, not just in this country but all over the world. It's great working on and being a part of a movie that is just this unabashed ball of joy."

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The gaming aspect to action movie Free Guy may not have involved any Jeopardy! trivia questions, but rather, plenty of video-game references. "I had a nervous breakdown when I was 11 playing Castlevania," Reynolds joked about his past gamer experience. "[Now] I have three daughters, six and under, there's no video-games. Honestly, I throw confetti at myself if I just have time to make breakfast in the mornings." 

Co-star Jodie Comer added that production gifted her a PlayStation 4 so she could familiarize herself with the genre. "Spider-Man was my favorite, I have to say," Comer quipped. "But I haven't brought it into my own life. I take them way too seriously, truth by told. The stakes are way too high." 

Watch the full interview above to hear about Comer's "eye-opening" experience working with stunt coordinators. 

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