Ryan Reynolds Finally Impresses His Toughest Critics—His Daughters

You didn't hear this rumor from Inez, but in a new Good Morning America interview, Ryan Reynolds revealed the sweet request his kids made ahead of his appearance on the morning show.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 04, 2021 5:01 PMTags
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Ryan Reynolds' may be a Free Guy, but his little girls pretty much own him.

The 44-year-old actor—who has three daughters, James, Inez and Betty, with wife Blake Lively—gave his children a sweet shout-out during the Aug. 4 episode of Good Morning America

When asked if the little ones are aware that their parents are A-listers, Reynolds said one of the first times he'd impressed his kids with his celebrity status was that morning.

"Today was the first day they were really like, 'Wait, you're going to be on TV today?'" he shared. "I was like, 'Yeah, I'm going on Good Morning America.' They're like, 'What's good about it?'"

In fact, he said his daughters had a request: They wanted their dad to say hi to them on camera and also give a secret signal, like pulling on his ear or rubbing his sleeve.

"I was like, 'Is Robin Roberts...going to be stealing second base today?" he joked before fulfilling his promise and saying, "Hi guys. How are you? Hello!"

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During the interview, Reynolds also promoted his new movie Free Guy, which hits theaters Aug. 13.

On Aug. 3, he attended the film's premiere in New York with Lively, and he couldn't resist trolling the actress.

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"What a huge night for #FreeGuy. And what a huge night for @blakelively because this means we're Instagram official," he captioned an Instagram photo from the big night. "I know how important that was to her."

Reynolds and Lively, who frequently tease each other on social media, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary by visiting the same restaurant they went to for their first date.

"We're not quite at 10 years but we rounded up, which we're just going to do," Reynolds said on GMA. "'Cause that's like, in Hollywood years, that's like 180 years we've been together. So yeah, we went to the place we went on our first date, O Ya restaurant in Boston, which we love. Yeah, it was really nice." 

Watch the video to see his interview. 

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