See Steven's Mother Give Advice to "Worried" Martine In an Awkward Love In Paradise Preview

After Steven cheated on her, Martine awkwardly asks his mother for advice. So, what does Steven's mom really think of Martine? See Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story clip.

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Keeping her potential in-law in the loop. 

During an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's Love In Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Storyairing Aug. 8, Martine asks Steven's mother Barbara whether or not she can trust him. Yes, this is an extremely awkward conversation, even by 90 Day Fiancé standards. 

"Thank you for this beautiful dinner," Martine begins after a family dinner. 

"But you didn't eat," Steven's mom points out. Immediately, the tension sets in as the two women talk in the kitchen. 

Martine explains, "I was trying to make sure that I got to speak to everybody and that I talk to you." She continues as Steven's mom heats up leftovers, "One thing I wanted to talk to u about a little more privately is about whether or not you feel that I should be trusting Steven. I don't know what happens when I'm not here so I'm just asking." 

Steven previously was unfaithful to Martine during their long-distance relationship, but the single dad has since righted his ways. Or has he?

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Barbara advises Martine to look past his former indiscretions. "You have to trust him," she explains. "One of the things I learned even in my marriage is that sometimes nobody has to tell you anything. As long as you have that relationship, you would know." 

But, Martine is unconvinced. "I'm not asking anybody to police him or anything," Martine counters. "He doesn't need all that, I know that. It's just the first year of our relationship, we kind of had like a little lapse in trust on his part, which I think kind of damaged and kind of made our relationship progress a lot slower than it should have, because the trust had to be rebuilt." 


She adds, "I'm always a little worried in the back of my head that that's something I have to worry about and that kind of scares me too. So that's kind of made me a little apprehensive, but I love him so much."

Martine admits that she is "slowly starting to build back" her trust for Steven, but she is still looking for affirmation from his mom.

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Barbara tries her best to comfort Martine while staying on her son's side of things. "I can only say that I'm happy that you're seeing a change and that you can trust him," she says, before joking, "But I will tell you from my end, he would not. Because he introduced me to you. Well, then he cannot come next week and introduce me to Sue." 

However, maybe Steven's mom is just defending him to Martine. In a confessional, Barbara admits that she would not tell Martine one way or the other if Steven was seeing someone else. "If Steven was not being truthful to Martine and I knew it, I wouldn't speak to her about it," Barbara reveals. "But I would speak to him about it."

She does empathize with Martine, though.

"I can understand why Martine is asking me these questions because she's looking for answers," Barbara concludes. "She's looking for something to console her and make her feel comfortable. And it does say a lot that she appreciates the family and she thinks enough about the family that she can give her concerns and air her concerns to us and ask for advice." 

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