Hilarie Burton Reacts to Claim Chad Michael Murray Was the Reason for Her One Tree Hill Exit

Almost 12 years after leaving the hit show, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton is responding to rumors that her exit involved co-star and on-screen love interest, Chad Michael Murray.

By Kisha Forde Aug 04, 2021 1:54 PMTags
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Hilarie Burton is clarifying the chatter surrounding her One Tree Hill departure.
The 39-year-old actress recently responded to a fan on Twitter that suggested her co-star Chad Michael Murray was the reason behind her exit from the CW show in 2009, confirming that "he had nothing to do with her leaving." For reference, Chad, who played Hilarie's on-screen love interest, also announced he was leaving the series around the same time.
"This is f---ed up," the fan tweeted on Aug. 2. "If I had been watching one tree hill back when the bulls--t happened, I would've been livid. I know Chad is older now and has probably learned from his mistakes but he f---d Hilarie Burton in the process for walking out."
She then tagged Hilarie in a follow up tweet that read, "@HilarieBurton said that her departure was unceremonious and we can blame that on Chad tbh, at least the Chad from back then. I'm assuming and hope he's grown up now but wtf." 

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That particular tweet prompted Hilarie to respond, "I'm not sure where your info is coming from, but Chad had nothing to do with my leaving. We were both treated badly, and he defended me. I so appreciate your support, but I just wanted to clarify that Chad was my teammate. My bosses were the s--ts." 

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After the fan also tweeted that she read "misinformation," Hilarie noted that it was no sweat since she's "heard the rumor" before. "Babe, no worries," the actress tweeted in response. "I've heard that rumor so many times over the years. I just correct it because I care about our OTH fam and don't want anyone carrying around false baggage. Thank you for caring!!"

This also wouldn't be the first time the One Tree Hill alum has opened up when it came to her former bosses from the show. In March, after a fan tweeted out an old pic of Hilarie and Chad, the actress replied that she was "embarrassed" by the photo and expressed that she wanted a "do-over" of the series with a woman at the helm.

"Teen girl sexuality was a cornerstone of #oth so its gross to me that there were no women in positions of power there," she wrote at the time. "No one we could turn to advocate for us. Men telling the stories of girl sexuality is a red flag. I want a do-over with a girl boss."

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