Taylor Swift Tells Simone Biles She "Cried" Seeing Her "Resilience" at the Tokyo Olympics

We're gonna let you finish, but Taylor Swift and Simone Biles have one of the best friendships of all time. The Grammy winner said she "cried" watching the gymnastics GOAT make her Olympics comeback.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 04, 2021 2:50 AMTags

Taylor Swift knows firsthand that "It's Nice to Have a Friend." 

And this week, she was just that for Simone Biles, who proved she's just as human as the rest of us by prioritizing her mental health and stepping away from numerous gymnastics finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

On Aug. 3, Simone made her return to the Olympic stage for the balance beam competition. To celebrate, the Lover artist recorded a special message that hyped up both Simone and her fans at home.

Set to Taylor's 2020 song "This is Me Trying," the dramatic NBC clip saw the four-time gold medalist preparing for her turn on the balance beam. Taylor narrated, "When you have the attention of the world, everything you do takes on a bigger meaning. It can be a heavy burden. It can be a chance to change everything."

It cut to a video of Simone at a press conference, explaining that she's "putting mental health first, because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are."

Simone Biles' 2020 Tokyo Olympics Journey

Taylor reflected, "Throughout the last week, her voice has been as significant as her talents, her honesty as beautiful as the perfection that had long been her signature. But don't you see? It still is. She's perfectly human. And that's what makes it so easy to call her a hero. Simone Biles. Back on the beam. In Tokyo."

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Simone herself was incredibly moved by the message. "I'm crying," she tweeted after watching the video, which was titled "Trying." The 24-year-old athlete wrote, "how special. I love you @taylorswift13." 

Miss Swift responded to Simone's tweet less than 30 minutes later—fangirling right back at her. "I cried watching YOU," the Grammy winner told the gymnastics champ. "I feel so lucky to have gotten to watch you all these years, but this week was a lesson in emotional intelligence and resilience. We all learned from you. Thank you." 

Annddd now we're all crying. 

Simone withdrew from the team final, as well as the individual all-around, vault, uneven bars and floor competitions, before returning to the balance beam event. She placed third and earned the bronze medal, her seventh Olympic medal overall. 

Everything has changed, but we'll love this dynamic duo forever and always.

Watch the awe-inspiring video above, and look back at Simone's Olympics journey below.

July 27: Starting Off on a Good Note

Simone reacts during the gymnastics women's team final.

Cheering on Their Friends

Simone and teammate Grace Mc Callum react during the gymnastics women's team final.

Biggest Cheerleader

Simone and teammate Grace McCallum react during the gymnastics women's team final.

Two Thumbs Up

Simone appears at the women's gymnastics team final.

Team Clap-tain

Simone, Grace McCallum and Jordan Chiles cheer for teammate Sunisa "Suni" Lee as she competes on uneven bars during the women's gymnastics team final.

Round of Applause

Simone appears with her teammates at the women's gymnastics team final.

Defying Gravity

Simone Biles appears mid-air during her performance at the women's gymnastics team final on July 27.

Simon's Scare

Simone lands her vault in the women's gymnastics team final. The athlete was scheduled to perform 2.5 twists in the air completed just 1.5. 

The "Twisties"

Simone later explains at a press conference that she "got "a little bit lost in the air," and later confirmed she had developed the "twisties," or mid-air disorientation.

July 27: Simone Withdraws From Team Final

Disappointed with her performance, Simone walks off the competition floor after her vault at the women's gymnastics team final on July 27. She later withdraws from the event.

Fab Four

Despite withdrawing from the women's gymnastics team final after one rotation, Simone helped her team win the silver medal. Here she is pictured with teammates Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum and Sunisa "Suni" Lee.

Dynamic Duo

Simone and Jordan Chiles react after receiving their silver medals.

Bear Hugs

Simone helps congratulate the Russian team on their gold medal victory.

Red, White & Booty Bump

Simone and Jordan Chiles celebrate on the podium of the gymnastics women's team final.

July 28: Simon Withdraws From 2nd Final

Amid ongoing mental health concerns and case of the "twisties," Simone opts out of the women's individual all-around final.

Team Effort

But Simone did join fellow Team USA members Jordan Chiles and MyKayla Skinner and Riley McCusker—who did not qualify for the Tokyo Olympics—to support their teammate Sunia "Suni" Lee" from the stands during the women's gymnastics individual all-around final. 

Hi Simone!

The Olympic gold medalist smiled and waved from the stands at the women's individual all-around final on July 29.  

July 30: 2 More Withdrawals

Simone withdraws from the uneven bars and vault finals. In the latter, she is replaced by MyKayla Skinner, who appeared to end her 2020 Tokyo Olympics journey days earlier when she failed to qualify for individual finals.

Aug. 1: Another Withdrawal

After pulling out of her fifth event, the floor exercise final, Simone was seen cheering on her teammates at the women's gymnastics uneven bars final.

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