Hannah Ann Sluss Shares Her Must-Have Amazon Beauty Products

The Bachelor alum's favorite items are effective and affordable.

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The Bachelor alum Hannah Ann Sluss is just like the rest of us who rely on Amazon for our must-have items. She has shared her kitchen essentials, must-pack travel items, and, recently she revealed her favorite beauty products in an Amazon Live session. The model remarked, "I think shopping for skincare and makeup is truly so amazing because not only is it convenient, but you also get to see the reviews, explaining, "You're able to read up on everything so you're never going to be disappointed."

In this beauty haul she shared her must-have Amazon beauty products to take care of your face, hair, lips, and more.

Hannah Ann Sluss Shares Her Must-Pack Travel Essentials from Amazon

PCA SKIN Daily Defense Mist, Hydrating Facial Spray for Blue Light & Free-Radical Protection

"This is one of those staples that I believe every one of y'all should have. This is a daily mist that you can wear under or over your makeup. This is a hydrating mist that protects your skin from environmental damage. It's really great. It's also really great [to prevent] premature aging, which I'm all about."

"It's lightweight. I will do anything for anti-aging, you guys. I use this all throughout the day. I throw it in my purse and I'm ready to go."

Mizon Under Eye Collagen Patches Eye Masks with 24K Gold and Snail- 30 Pairs

"When any of my friends FaceTime me in the evenings or in the mornings, I always have these on. I place this usually in the fridge and I just wear them underneath my eyes. They really have made a huge difference. I feel like one of the things to prevent aging is just hydration."

"One thing that I've learned from this past year is how you can give yourself a spa experience at home. You can do it all. You just need an Amazon account." These have 4,000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protectant Spray & Leave In Conditioner

"My favorite hair product is a heat protectant because with blow drying your hair or curling your hair or even from the sun, it's great to always have a heat protectant on you. My favorite is Redken. It's called Play It Safe. It protects your hair up to 450 degrees. I use it while my hair is damp. I just put about a dime size. This stuff really is a lifesaver. It's truly changed my hair. I think this is a great staple. Plus, a bottle like this will last you for months and months. This is a must."

Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer

"This is another one of my favorites. This is a daily moisturizer. You can wear this morning and night. I like how it's lightweight and doesn't clog my pores. This is perfect for morning and night, so you guys have to get this."

"This will last me all summer long. I like this because it's not gonna clog your pores."

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens- 100 Sheets

"I always have these in my purse. Some girls always have lip gloss. I always have these blotters. You blot your face and it absorbs all the oil and I love these. These are an absolute must because when I'm wearing makeup, my skin starts to get oily throughout the day and instead of clogging my pores more and putting on more powder, I will actually just use these oil blotters. You guys have to go get these right now. These are just an absolute must."

Led Face Mask Light Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask - Blue & Red Light for Acne Photon Mask

"This is the ultimate mask. This is an LED light mask. I have found it to be really helpful. I have been using this for a while and I like this because it has multiple different settings. They say 'beauty is pain,' but this is not painful. It just looks kind of crazy. I like this product because it does multiple things. It helps with aging, acne, radiant skin. I've actually been using the red setting. This helps with wrinkles."

"It comes with a remote. I've worn this for 20 minutes a day and I really have seen a huge difference. It really just gives you that spa-like experience. I like that I can wear this mask and also just get stuff done around the house."

Eau Thermale Avene Moisturizing Melt-in Balm, Shea Oil Body Butter, Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, Quick Absorbing

"I love this stuff so much. My girlfriend bought this for me when I was in Miami. I was out in the sun a lot and I just wanted to make sure to hydrate. This stuff has changed my skin. You. Absolutely. Have. To. Get. This. Even Allure gave it the Best of Beauty Award in 2019. It's super soft and it truly does melt into your skin. I think a big part of having that summer body glow is just making sure that your skin is hydrated."

"Also, years ago, Snooki did an interview one time and she said the one thing that keeps your tan longer is hydrating. And I always remembered that. So, every morning every night, I'm putting on lotion. It keeps that tan going, whether it's from the sun or a spray tan, it keeps it longer. Trust me, you guys have to have this."

T3 SinglePass Curl 1 Inch Professional Curling Iron

"This is my favorite out of all the products, the T3 curling iron. This is the iron that I use. This is the iron that I can't go anywhere without. This curling iron is one inch. Even if you're not looking for a curling iron, you have to have this one because it's super safe for your hair. It has different levels of heat. You don't want to always put a lot of heat on your hair every day. I usually do about level 3."

"I love the 1-inch barrel for tight curls and beach waves. I wrap my hair around the iron. This look is great for summer and I'll just brush it through. When I just want a beachy look, I don't use any hair spray."

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive, Dry Skin with Broad Spectrum SPF 15

"My mom always had Aveeno in all of our bathrooms. I just feel like it's such a great brand from being a toddler to adulthood. It also has SPF 15. All of us need to be wearing our SPF. This is really great for all skin types."

"I highly suggest this for sensitive skin." It has 4,600+ five-star reviews.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Sugar Lip Scrub Exfoliator by Hanalei

"I get asked, 'Do you have lip filler? Have you done anything to your lips?' No, I actually have not done anything to my lips. I think the key and the secret is making sure your lips are cleaned and I think having a lip care routine is very important. I do it every day. One product I wanted to highlight is this lip sugar scrub," Hannah Ann said. She applies it with this scrubber, remarking, "It's basically two simple products that you can add to your cart right now. This makes the world of difference."

4 Pcs Lip Brush Tool Lip Scrub Brush Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush

"My makeup artist told me about this product and it's a lip scrub. It has two different sides, one scrub and one massaging. I love to do this. It comes in a pack of three. I toss this after like 2 months because I use it every night. I can't go anywhere without this. I brush my teeth at night and then I also brush my lips. That's the secret to full lips. Girls, I promise you. It takes all the dead skin off your lips so you have clean lips to work with when you apply makeup."

COOLA Organic Liplux Lip Oil Sunscreen, Lip Care for Daily Protection

"Its Coola. It's a hydrating oil. It's basically like a lip mask. This product is a must for summer because it has SPF 30 in it. Your lips can burn. And your lips age too, you guys. I finish my lip care routine by putting on this lip oil."

Framar Pastel Alligator Hair Clips 10 Pack

"These clips are something else that I've added as a 'must' for the beauty haul. These clips are great for when you're doing your makeup and your skincare routine. I like my hair to be clipped up and out of my face, especially because I have a lot of hair. If my hair's not out of my face, I'll miss an area when putting on foundation because my hair is covering it. I use these clips to put my hair back before putting on foundation. I like them because they don't leave a crimp in my hair."

"These clips come in a pack with multiple colors. I love these. These are great. I like to clip my hair back in sections when I curl my hair." These have 11,000+ 5-star reviews from Amazon shoppers.

Ownest 3 Colors Body Luminizer, Waterproof Moisturizing and Glow For Face & Body

"This is a body illuminator. I'll just highlight my collar bone and my cheek bones. It really does bring out your natural tan and it just gives you that glow. You guys have to have this for the summer."

Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Foundation Makeup

"This helps with that bronzed goddess look I'm trying to achieve this summer.  This is DermaBlend foundation in the shade 37N. I love DermaBlend. I love their company. They're all about encouraging women to feel comfortable in their own skin and I love that. I love their mission."

"You can use one drop for a light foundation or additional drops for more coverage. I just apply it with my hands. I just try to keep it simple. It really does wonders. This foundation covers everything. It's wonderful and lightweight. I like how it's very buildable if you want more coverage."

Tarte Shape Tape ULTRA CREAMY Concealer 0.33 fl. oz.

"This is Tarte Ultra Creamy Concealer. I just do a little bit underneath my eyes."

Wet n Wild Color Icon 10Pan Makeup Palette

"To get a Hot Girl Summer look, you need to have this Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette. It's called Heart and Soul. These colors are beautiful. It's great combination of mattes and shimmer to get that sunset glow and it's so affordable."

Bestope Makeup Brushes 16PCs Makeup Brushes Set

"Also, these brushes are must have for the summer. I think it's just good to switch up your brushes every year and be done cleaning them to get fresh brushes. This comes with four blenders too. These will change your life and give you that confident you need. This kit has every brush imaginable in it." These have 12,400+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Physicians Formula, Murumuru Butter, Bronzer,

"I use the angled brush from the brush set with this Physician's Formula bronzer. What i like to do is just a little bit of contour on the sides of my cheek. Always make sure to brush up with your makeup."

Wet n wild Color Icon Powder Blush, Pinch Me Pink

"This blush is Wet n Wild in Pinch Me Pink. I'm just add a little bit. This is highly pigmented."

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

"I love this. I usually like to curl outward to give more of a cat eye effect. This mascara is bomb. It's not clumpy. It definitely gives that voluminous look that all of us ladies want." This mascara has 38,300+ 5-star reviews.

Fronnor Ice Roller for Face

I bring this ice roller with me everywhere I go. I keep it in the fridge or the freezer. When I don't use this you can see the difference. After you've had a long night out and you're just feeling puffy the next day, me and my friends immediately pull this out. We each have our own. You basically massage your face and it just gets rid of all the puffiness. This is a miracle worker.

It helps with inflammation and redness. When I used to really struggle with cystic acne, this really made a world of difference. It's simple, but makes a huge difference.

NYX Mechanical Lip Pencil, Nude Pink

"This lip liner is with me wherever i go. I buy them in bulk. I get three to five and put them in each of my purses. This is NYX. It's $5. I know it's just a lip liner, but I will apply this lip liner in the shade Nude Pink. This is a must. Over this, I put the Laneige sleeping mask because I like my lips to look really natural."

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

"I've gone through four of these masks. I've tried every single flavor. I like the berry pink because it still gives you a little bit of a pink look. The key to plump-looking lips is hydration. Lipsticks in the summer look dry, so in the summer I just use NYX lip liner in Nude Pink and then I put on the Laneige lip mask. It comes with a little applicator in case you don't want to get your hands sticky."

Bravo stars Drew Sidora and Ariana Madix also declared their love for the lip product recently, along with Hannah Ann's fellow The Bachelor alums Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Luxilooks Pajamas Silk Shorts Set

"My mom always wanted us to wear matching pajamas. I wanted to share this outfit because I think it's great for summer. I like to wear something going to bed, but also I get hot in the middle of the night. These pajamas are, of course, pink and they are silk. I love the top on this. It's very breathable. I feel like Eloise at the Plaza. It gives me that Eloise vibe."

"It comes with these shorts. I like how they aren't too short and they're not too tight. I don't like to go to bed wearing tight outfits. I just like to feel comfortable. This is very cute." There are lots of colors to choose from.


Women Fuzzy House Slippers

"The older I get, the more the more I turn into my grandmother. My grandmother never walks around the house without slippers on. I turned into that. Here are these really cute pink slippers. They are fuzzy. I adore these. I like also how it's very plush. They're very comfortable." There are multiple color options to choose from.

Pavilia Plush Robe Women

"This robe is kind of like a light pink/purple. Growing up, my parents would always call me Hannah Hefner, like you know Hugh Hefner, because I would walk around with a robe on at all times. You can always spot me with a robe. I think this is a great gift idea, but really, if you're gonna get the robe, you might as well get the whole outfit. Yo need the silk pajamas with the coordinating slippers with the robe. You guys need the whole set.

I love getting ready with a robe before I go out in the evening. I always like to get ready in a robe because I'll end up getting foundation on my outfit without it. That's another reason why you need this. It's soft and affordable." There are plenty colors to choose from.

If you're looking for more Amazon recommendations from Hannah Ann, check out her adorable (yet functional) kitchen essentials.

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