Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas

Dear Ted:
First can I just say, I love your name! Anyway, this whole Nick Jonas-Miley Cyrus thing, is any of it actually true? I mean, with the whole Jonas Brothers world tour and all, how would Nick have time to be on a Jet Ski with her? And also, I just find Miley quite creepy. She's way too grown-up; she should just act like a kid once in a while, not like someone in their mid-20s. Don't you think? Nick would be way better with Selena.
—Emma, England

Dear Team Miley:
By the looks of this photo of them together, I would say yes, at least some of this is true. Plus, Selena is way too cutesy. We're all for Miley and Nick getting their naughty on (once it's legal, of course). Wasn't that why everyone loved virginal Britney Spears and J.T. so much? It's more fun to be bad!

Dear Ted:
It has been stated that Nikki Reed is very close friends with Emile Hirsch. True? If so, does that not put quite a spin on the crap that went down at Cannes? Surely Emile wasn't an innocent bystander in that fiasco with Ms. Erika?

Dear Conspiracy in Cannes:
I'm sure Emile was more concerned with his own ego than with trying to get Rob Pattz any play. Plus, the whole Erika thing so did not go down like some reports say.

Dear Ted:
I'm a fan of Robsten, and I wanted to know what happened when Rob told Nikki to go away? I have heard it was really bad! Also, what is this about Michael Angarano not being as innocent as we think? One last thing, when did R and K start dating? Some of us think the Japanese premiere, but I don't know!

Dear Twi Worried:
What went down with Rob and Nik certainly wasn't pretty. But she was actually the one who took herself out of the equation. As for Robsten, there's a thin line between dating and hooking up! Which do you mean?

Dear Ted:
Do you really have sources, or do you do like the rest of us and get your information online? Because all the latest items I've been reading concerning Robsten lately on your website are repeats of info I have seen in the days before all around blogs, forums and websites. Am I mistaken? Especially that last one, about the whole cast getting together. We had that info last week, and suddenly it pops up on your website as if it's hot news.

Dear Picky Pouter:
Wouldn't you rather info come a tad later after we confirm it with our sources? Most of the recycled bits many of you see on Live Journal and other blogs from "friends" of Rob and Kristen are not true. I can assure you our sources are well-placed.

Dear Ted:
On an intelligence scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being genius, how would you rate Brad Pitt?

Dear Brains or Beauty:
If 1 is genius, then dim-bulb Brad goes to 11 for hooking up with that chilly, fake Angelina.

Dear Ted:
When Brad and Angie officially split, do you think Brad will seek custody of any of the kids or leave all of them with A.J.? I've always wondered just how sincere Brad ever was in having a family.

Dear Seeking Brange:
Brad is a helluva lot more serious about wanting a family than his ex-wife. I don't think B would ditch the tots.

Dear Ted:
Bad news, Ted. Kellan Lutz said Robsten is a no-go. I'm trying to hold onto the fact that this is just him lying. Do you think it is?

Dear Easy Surrender:
Why would he be the one to out his friends? Plus he's not exactly the most reliable of sources.

Dear Ted:
How do we get Summit to pay attention to the really important stuff instead of who's bedding who? For example, increasing security on the set of Remember Me? If they don't do something and fast, our beloved R.Pattz is going to go underground for good. Then what will we do?

Dear Fab Question:
Couldn't agree more. I've got calls in to see what's being done about that.

Dear Ted:
Is Summit going to film Breaking Dawn as soon as Eclipse is done? Especially since the cast's hormones are in overdrive? What a hoot! Keep up the good work, especially on Robsten.

Dear Pounding ‘Em Out:
The cast will get a break between flicks again, most likely, but you bet the Twi saga is going to be hammered out faster than the Harry Potter movies. H.P. is so PG.

Dear Ted:
If you could write the "script" on new Hollywood hookups, who would you put together? Who would your "dream" couples be? I suspect you could run a very lucrative dating service for stars who need a good tabloid romance. Who better to predict what the tabloids would chase. It isn't like most of them aren't fake anyway.

Dear Matchmaker:
What a fun game! For starters, I would put a lot of these whiny single gals with guys on the business side of the entertainment industry, like Kate Winslet—one of the only gals with a brain. Half of Hollywood's male actors are fruits! 

Dear Ted:
Saw Rachael Ray on Friday at the Delancey rooftop in NYC. She's a lot thinner in person and very nice when I intruded to say hello. I generally agree with your assessments on peeps, so was curious as to your unflattering stories on her.

Dear Double-Edged Sword:
Hey, let's agree to disagree on this crafty bitch, 'K?

Dear Ted:
This is not a question, but I noticed something on the June 12 Truth, Lies & Ted. After cleaning your pet's litter box, you sprayed Lysol. I read in an animal health magazine that those types of sprays are harmful to pets! Please ask your animals' vet to clarify for you. I don't want anything to happen to those cute pets of yours! Hope all is well!
A fan in Conn.

Dear Watchful Protector:
I'll have to find out ASAP! Thanks for the tip, hon.

Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade Justin Chon?

Dear Wrong Tush:
Sorry, Triple T is more recognizable than Mr. Chon.

Dear Ted:
Why did you hate Sophia Bush so much?
MD 14

Dear Hate's a Strong Word:
I never said that. I just don't think she's as superinnocent as she appears!

Dear Ted:
What would George Clooney say to Adam Lambert if they met?
Bi Curious

Dear Odd Couple:
Loved you on American Idol? George isn't afraid of a little gay! That's why we love him.

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