6 Things Kathryn Hahn Can't Live Without

The Emmy-nominated actress dishes on her favorite things and what makes her happy.

By Emily Spain Sep 19, 2021 8:00 PMTags
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If you still have "Agatha All Along" stuck in your head, you're not alone! And you can thank Kathryn Hahn aka Agatha Harkness in the hit Disney+ show Wandavision for the catchy tune.

In between creating popular songs, getting nominated for an Emmy for her role in Wandavision and filming Knives Out 2, we caught up with Kathryn to find out what items she can't live without.

In addition to always having rose lip balm, 9 Elements Multipurpose Cleaner and Aquaphor on hand, the star revealed being with her family makes her the happiest. "We can be anywhere, doing nothing, but I'm happiest when I'm with them."


And if you're wondering how someone as busy as Kathryn relaxes, she told E!, "When everything on my to do list is checked off and I can truly be in the moment."

Below, the Bad Moms actress rounded up the things she can't live without, and they couldn't be more relatable!

17 WandaVision Gifts That Are Great in Any Decade


"I love all of their products because my hair is so dry – this has helped bring life back to it."

By Terry Rose Lip Balm

"This is the only thing that seems to penetrate my lips for moisture in this dry weather!"

Visine Eye Drops

"My eyes get so dry so I cannot live without these drops."

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

"It's my remedy for everything."

9 Elements Multi Purpose Cleaner - Lemon

"I genuinely would not be able to function in life without this product. It simplifies cleaning for me, you can use it on any surface and it prevents hard-water build-up. I love both the eucalyptus and lemon scents."

1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

"I have this gallon water bottle that I got on amazon which has prompts with affirmations up to the gallon. I love it."

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