See an Adorable MDLNY Broker Baby Playdate Between Ryan Serhant & Steve Gold's Daughters

These broker babies drive Bentleys! A hilarious sneak peek at the Thursday, Aug. 5 episode of Million Dollar Listing New York proves that Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold's daughters are BFFs.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 04, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Yes, there is such a thing as a broker baby playdate. 

Million Dollar Listing New York's Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold have no problem mixing business with pleasure when it comes to working on the weekends with their two toddler daughters in tow. And yes, these future real estate moguls drive Bentleys!

In this exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow's episode, airing Aug. 5, Ryan's wife Emilia brings their two-year-old daughter Zena over to Steve's loft to play with his one-year-old, Rose.

"Rosie, are you ready to see your friend Zena?" Steve coos as he welcomes Emilia and Zena into his home.

During a confessional, Steve gushes over his daughter's bond with Ryan's tot. "Zena and Rose, they are besties now," he explains. "Zena calls her Ro Ro, Ro Ro calls her Z." 

Steve's girlfriend Luiza praises Zena's "cute outfit" as Steve throws a zinger towards Ryan, who is late to their meeting-slash-playdate.

"Yeah, those are cool shoes," he says with a laugh. "You have much better style than your father." 

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When Ryan arrives, Zena is behind the wheel of Rose's mini pink Bentley, already looking comfortable in luxurious wheels. 

"Thanks Steve, now my kid is going to be demanding her own Bentley," Ryan jokes, before deadpanning that Steve's casual all-black ensemble is his regular business attire.


Of course, Ryan also marvels at Steve's sprawling 3,850 sq. ft. pad. "So it's the two of you, plus a baby, plus a dog?" real estate expert Ryan asks. Steve corrects him that they in fact of two dogs, just as the second small fluffy one comes running in. 

Ryan wonders, "Did you dye your dog?" And in fact, the dog is actually dyed pink, something that Luiza does monthly. Zena immediately is enamored with the pet and tries picking up the pup by its fur.

"No, we are not getting a dog right now," Ryan jokes. "Zena, no, you're going to torture the dog. Zena, you're a big strong girl. We named you Zena for a reason. We didn't name you, like, Stephanie."

Check out the hilarious sneak peek for yourself to see the most luxe playdate ever! 

Million Dollar Listing New York airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. 

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