Why the Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Photo of Paul Rudd and Dan Levy

Paul Rudd has proven yet again that despite his career starting almost 30 years ago, he looks exactly like he did in Clueless. See the pic of him with Dan Levy that has everyone bugging.

By Kisha Forde Aug 02, 2021 3:59 PMTags
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Although Paul Rudd may play the role of Ant-Man on the big screen, he also seems to have acquired one super-power in real life: aging backwards.
Chances are, you've seen the pic floating around on social media of the 52-year-old actor dining out with fellow actor Dan Levy, and if you haven't, it's something you need to check out. British chef Asma Khan unintentionally set the Internet ablaze when she shared a snap of the two having dinner at her restaurant on July 31, tweeting, "When Paul Rudd returns to your restaurant and beings Dan Levy with him!!"
And while the sighting of the two is cause for chatter alone, it was the undeniable fact that Paul looks like he stepped fresh off the set of Clueless, so not a day over 1995, to be exact, that really sent fans into a tailspin.
"FIFTY TWO BLOODY YEARS OLD!," one person commented. "What is that guys deal?"

Paul Rudd's Best Roles

Another user, emphasizing the actor's age also wrote, "Amazing!! Also, a reminder that Paul Rudd is 52. FIFTY TWO." While another fan referenced the classic tale of a character never aging, writing, "Paul Rudd does not age, It's some Dorian Gray s--t."

Besides Paul's seeming inability to age, other fans were busy speculating on what the two actors could possibly be up to. To get down to specifics, Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, expected to be released in 2023, is currently filming in London—which would only lead some fans to wonder if the Schitt's Creek alum has made his way to the Marvel Universe.

One fan tweeted, "Paul Rudd is filming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania right now in London… has Dan Levy been cast in it too??" While another added, "If Dan Levy is in the new Ant-Man movie I will LOSE IT."
Whatever the reason behind the get together, one thing is for certain: If the exact date wasn't known, we could place this photo anywhere in the span of time.

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