Skateboarder Jagger Eaton Has the Most Humble Response to Becoming Our Olympics Heartthrob

Bronze medalist Jagger Eaton, 20, captured our hearts in the first-ever Olympic street skateboarding final. He spoke exclusively with E! News about having "the greatest time of my life."

By Alli Rosenbloom, Lindsay Weinberg Jul 31, 2021 1:32 AMTags

Jagger Eaton is not only an Olympic medalist, a champion skateboarder and 20-year-old heartthrob. He's also incredibly humble. Want proof? 

E! News spoke exclusively with the bronze medalist about his accomplishments in Tokyo, including his rapidly growing fanbase (one popular TikTok declared, "jagger eaton is the best thing to happen to the olympics hands down.") Jagger even admitted that he was approached by TMZ after landing in the U.S., which was "a little different" than normal.  

When E! News asked how he feels about being one of the 2020 Olympics' breakout heartthrobs and receiving all of this newfound attention, Jagger didn't quite know what to say. 

"I mean, I appreciate all the support," he laughed. "I don't even know how to talk about it honestly. It's just, I don't know. I feel like when I went out there and I was skating, I was just having such a great time." 

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He said, if anything, he's glad that his passion translates from real life and onto TV.

"I'm so pumped that people get to feel that energy," he shared. "It was so cool to be able to do that."

Pierre Costabadie/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Jagger—who broke his ankle a month before the Games, mind you—added that he is proud to show what skateboarding is "really like."

"It really is constantly vibing, like that's what skateboarding is. When I was out there, I was in the most pressure situation of my life, having the greatest time of my life," the Arizona native explained.

As for all those ardent fans, Jagger went on, "I'm just so glad that people on social media just, like, love it because that's exactly what I want people to do. I want people to pick up a skateboard and try it. Like, it'll blow your mind."

We're not the only ones who are Team Jagger. It sounds like his parents take the crown as his No. 1 supporters. 

"My first call after I got the medal was with my dad, and I FaceTimed him," he recalled. "And I guess I didn't say any words. I just yelled on FaceTime for like five minutes." 

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Jagger said he "did a lot of the hard grueling work" with his dad, noting they have "a strong relationship... Having that father-son bond was really crucial." 

He showed his mom some love as well, saying, "I'm going give the medal to my momma. She deserves that medal." He confessed, "She was the one who, when I needed to be coddled a little bit and when I needed somebody to kind of hear me out, she was always that person for me. I can't wait to see that medal up in her house."

Outside of his family, Jagger has gained celebrity supporters, too. In fact, he revealed that legendary skateboarder and snowboarder Shaun White reached out to him privately over text, which was "pretty rad to see." 

Shaun, now 34, also congratulated Jagger publicly on Instagram, lauding his accomplishment as "the first American Olympic medalist in skateboarding history." (The 2020 Games marks the first time skateboarding has been included in the global competition.)

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As Jagger told E!, "I've gotten so many amazing texts and phone calls from some of my peers. You know, it's just awesome to see that... I'm so pumped that skateboarding got to be put on that stage, and I'm just so stoked that USA got a medal."

He said "even if it weren't me" on the podium and it had instead been his American teammates Jake Ilardi and Nyjah Huston, "I'd still be so stoked for America, and I'm just really glad we're up to on that podium."

What did we say? Humble. 

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