From Colorful Couture to Bermuda Shorts: The Most Stylish Moments at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Swarovski crystals, Bermuda shorts, rainbow couture—who knew the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had all the makings of a fashion show? See all the fabulous style from the summer games here.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 30, 2021 8:16 PMTags

When it comes to sports with a side of style, there's no place like the Olympics

Of course, the Olympics is the greatest stage when it comes to showing your athletic prowess, but for some competitors, it's also a special moment to make a fashion statement. With all eyes on these stars and their dazzling abilities, there's just as much attention on what they wear to represent their team and their country. 

Naturally, much goes into an Olympic look—there's tradition, nationality, personal style and we can't forget function. After all, these athletes are flipping through the air, moving at incredible speed and essentially defying any notions you had about the limits of gravity. 

So when someone steps out at the games in a bold, unique or simply special ensemble, it's hard not to notice. After all, we bet you remember some of these runway-worthy looks from Olympics past. 

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally underway, there have been a few more outfits to add to the annals of Olympics fashion history—and we're keeping track of all of them right here. 

Our Favorite Viral Moments to Come Out of the 2020 Olympics

All you have to do is take your mark, get set and scroll!

Orange You Glad They Wore That?

Team Netherlands was not shy about sporting their national color on their tailcoats and we just have one question: Where can we purchase one of the jackets for ourselves? 

Bermuda's Bermuda Shorts

Honestly, we'll never get over the Bermuda team wearing Bermuda shorts at the Olympics. 

Colorful Couture

No debate here: Singer Misia's colorful Tomo Koizumi creation was the fashion highlight of the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony. 

Crystal Costumes

The U.S. women's gymnastics team shines on its own, but some Swarovski crystal-embellished leotards never hurt. 

Unitard Unity

A round of applause for members of Germany's women's gymnastics team, who sported unitards while sending a message: "We want to encourage all gymnasts around the world to be able to wear this if they want to feel better!" Kim Bui previously wrote on Instagram. "It should be a gymnast‘s choice to wear what's she (or he) feels comfortable with!"

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