We Tried Making the Biscuits From Ted Lasso

If your mouth has ever watered while watching Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) scarf down the biscuits from Ted Lasso, you're not alone. We tried to whip them up and they turned out, er, OK.

By Alyssa Ray Jul 30, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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I believe in believe. However, what I don't believe in is that the biscuits from Ted Lasso are easy to make.

Like the rest of the world, I became a fan of the Apple TV+ comedy and its heartwarming characters following its debut in 2020. Between the literal spit takes and the laugh-out-loud jokes, I was easily sold that the Lasso way was the only way.

However, during an exclusive chat with Hannah Waddingham, I learned that Ted Lasso had one secret shortcoming: the biscuits. According to the British actress, the delicious-looking biscuits that Coach Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) gave her character, AFC Richmond owner Rebecca, were actually disgusting

"They're nice now," she confessed in an exclusive chat with E! News. "They're nice and buttery and sugary now. But that's because I've literally thrown a global tantrum about how bad they were in season one."

Stunned by this behind-the-scenes tidbit, I couldn't help but wonder, Just how hard are those biscuits to make? The answer: Pretty darn hard.

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Sure, Binging With Babish and other cooking sites make the recipe look so easy, yet, these Scottish Shortbread-type treats are deceptively difficult to whip up. So, let's start from the top. 

Per a recipe provided by Salt Harvest Creatives, there are only six ingredients needed: All-purpose flour, almond flour, sugar, chilled butter, vanilla extract and salt. Thankfully, I had most of these ingredients already in my kitchen. What I didn't have? The food processor required to mix the said simple ingredients.

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In an attempt to think on my feet, I tried using a small blender to mix the flours and other bits. I'm sure food influencers are cringing right now because, obviously, this did not work and I just made a mess of my little smoothie blender.

Next, I grabbed my fiancé's fancy mixer that's been collecting dust on our top shelf. Before long, I abandoned this alternative because I remembered that I don't actually know how to use the mixer. If I'm being honest, I got intimidated by its weight and the lock/unlock switch.

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Eventually, I plopped down on the floor and mixed the ingredients by hand. No, like, I literally put my hands in the dough.

In hindsight, I should've warmed the butter a bit because the chilled butter took forever to blend into the meal-like mixture. The easiest part of the whole thing was spreading the dough into the 8X8 container. At this point, it should've been smooth sailing, but, alas, I have a terrible oven that took forever to pre-heat.

Worried that I would undercook the TV-inspired treat, I left them in the oven 10 minutes too long. Thus, they turned out dry and lacking flavor. Still, the above-mentioned fiancé was kind enough to give my biscuits an underwhelming "six out of 10."

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So, the recipe may not be difficult, I just may be inept at baking. But, at this time, I choose to blame the recipe...

If you hope to succeed where I failed, click here and here for recipes.

You can also see more of the biscuits in season two of Ted Lasso, which has new episodes Fridays on Apple TV+.

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