Love Is Blind's Jessica Batten Spills on What Really Happened With Ex Mark Cuevas

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 29, 2021 6:14 PMTags

Three's certainly a crowd with this Pod Squad. 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar star Jessica Batten exclusively revealed on E! News' Daily Pop which co-stars she's on good terms with—and her answer may surprise you. "I'm super, super happy for [ex Mark Cuevas]," Jessica explained during the July 28 episode. 

While the teaser for the cast's two-year anniversary party proves to be a tense reunion, Jessica swore she doesn't hold any grudge against her former fiancé Mark, even after rumors of his infidelity.

"We really had an agreement on the show," Jessica opened up about their supposedly planned break-up at the altar. "We knew that we weren't going to work out in the end, so on that day, we were not planning on saying yes. When everything went down and he was crying on his mom and everything like that, it was a huge shock to me."

According to Jessica, Mark texted her the following day to "apologize for all the betrayal," but once the show aired, fans only saw Mark's side of the story. 

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"When this all played out, it was a totally different story than the one I had to get through," Jessica continued. "Because to me, that was my guy. We were best of friends too, and I was kind of hanging in there to see what could happen with us. When that played out, I really couldn't believe it." 

Now that Mark has moved on with a new fiancée and baby boy,  Jessica isn't holding on to the past. "I thought at some point maybe he would have the courage to come out and tell the real story, especially with the shame I was going through," she summed up. "Life moves on."


Yet, apparently it doesn't for some of Jessica's other co-stars. Amber Pike apparently is still upset two years later about Jessica's flirtatious interactions with Amber's husband, Matt Barnett.

"It's kind of like when you're on Bumble and you think for a fleeting moment that you have something with someone, that's kind of how I feel like the relationship was with her husband," Jessica shared. "And two years later, I feel like several ships have sailed since then. It's such water under the bridge for me so I was definitely shocked." 

Amber and Barnett dubbed her "Voldemort" and opted to ignore Jessica during the After the Altar special, premiering today, July 28. "I'm the person that doesn't exist and can't be spoken of," Jessica joked. "I want their marriage to work and if it's with thinking that I don't exist in this world, hey, that's OK. It's most important for me that they work out." 

And yes, apparently "everyone is scared of Amber"—even her own husband.

"But I think he also has respect for her and I think they have a good thing going...but yeah, I think everyone is a little scared of Amber," Jessica teased. 

Watch the full interview above to hear Jessica gush about her new flame Dr. Benjamin McGrath plus reveal her biggest regret on Love Is Blind!

Love Is Blind: After the Altar premieres July 28 on Netflix