See Kim Kardashian Get Blue Goo on Her Face in Hilarious Cooking With Paris Preview

In this exclusive sneak peek from Cooking With Paris, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian try (and fail) to make some sweet treats. Check it out!

By Alyssa Ray Aug 03, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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We promise you've never seen Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian like this.

In this exclusive clip from Netflix's new series, Cooking With Paris, the entrepreneurial heiress takes on a marshmallow project with her former assistant-turned-billionaire. While we can't say we're used to seeing Paris and Kim make a mess in the kitchen, they're still on brand thanks to their full glam and fabulous outfits.

"Sliving plastic gloves," the new cooking host notes. "So we don't dye our fingers."

Asking what we're all thinking, Kim inquires, "Do you do it over your lace gloves?"

Her answer? "These are my, like, sliving cooking gloves."

After breaking down her kitchen style, Paris and Kim grab cookie cutters in an attempt to make shapes out of the vibrant, blue goo. Hilariously, the project doesn't go according to plan, with Kim adding, "This is gonna be a disaster."

Paris Hilton Through the Years

In an attempt to fix the failing recipe, Paris brings in powdered sugar, which is supposed to prevent sticking. Of course, Paris' crazy undertaking isn't new to Kim.

"I feel like this is how it used to be," she adds. "Paris would have the ideas, and I'd come in and be like, 'This is never gonna work out. Like, this is not practical.'"

Supporting this statement, Paris calls herself the "most disorganized person in the world."

Regardless, Kim and Paris are able to pull off one marshmallow shape. "Oh, that's cute," Paris declares. "Killing it."

Kim, on the other hand, she hits her breaking point and begins hysterically laughing. "I'm gonna need to, like, touch up my makeup," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star states. "I'm literally crying. The fact that you thought these marshmallows could work."

The laughter briefly stops when Kim realizes she's gotten the blue mixture on her face. Paris assures her friend, "It has glitter, so it looks like makeup." Sure, Paris.


Watch Paris and Kim's kitchen hijinks for yourself in the exclusive clip above.

Cooking With Paris premieres Wednesday, August 4 on Netflix.

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