If you got a feeling of déjà vu on tonight's Jon & Kate Plus 8, it's because some of the same footage aired last week on American Chopper when the Teutuls connected with the Gosselins to create a bike for Jon Gosselin.

Tonight's relatively drama-free episode was all about Jon doing manly things with manly men: building his own bike at Orange County Choppers. "I just haven't had time to do stuff that I enjoy," he explains on tonight's show. "This is the first opportunity that I got that I actually got to enjoy something on my own and build something that I was passionate about and actually contribute and hang out with guys and do guy things."

Here's what else went down on tonight's episode...

Kate managed to fling an insult toward Paul Senior by calling him sweaty when they hit the road for a helmetless bike ride around the hood. That insult was followed by Kate calling Mikey Teutul a "hairy, scary bear" and then insisting they have a spa day together because, again, "he is just so hairy."She added, "I told him that he should probably get his hair washed and combed and curled." Nice, Kate.

As for Jon and Kate, there was little interaction between them. The troubled twosome are still doing postshow interviews separately, and when she was presented with her pink scooter, no thanks went to her husband. In fact, the couple barely looked at each other.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Poll: Week Four
Is the lack of Jon & Kate on-air interaction getting boring?

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